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Student Record and Planner

It's time for a BETTER system!

The Student Record and Planner promises instant organization for your homeschool year and your record keeping.

Plus, it teaches kids to learn independently through responsibility and accountability.

Simple. Flexible. Priceless as the backbone of your homeschool. 

If you'd like a digital copy, instead of the softcover, please click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

I was just not sure about this planner, but in desperation I tried it! I have been impressed with the quality and content of all the products I have ordered in the I jumped on it! I’m so glad we did! My boys love the simplicity of keeping track of their school day! I love it, because it has helped me organize their school work, it saves me time and we are getting more done because of it! 🥰

Wow! Best Planner

I'm glad I got the digital version as I'm able to use it for a couple of years now. It is fully editable and you can add whatever subjects or habits you want. I love that it has check list for "Devotion" and evaluation on how they get along with their siblings.


Love The organization!! This helps me with keeping everything on track.

Kids enjoy

My kids are happy with this planner & are actually keeping track of what they need to get done. My daughter particularly likes filling it in for the next week. My son likes writing what he's read & shows me too.
This is a great add on to our school routine.

Easy to use- so helpful!

This has been great for our daughter. It is easy for her to use and keeps her motivated to get her schoolwork done! We love all the helpful sections for keeping records and the extra daily disciplines section. Well thought out and useful- will buy again :)

Student planner sheets

I love that I am able to access these year after year! It is so nice for my children to have their own tracking system for homeschool!


This planner has kept me organized and I can keep track of assignments that have been done. For my older child it gives him motivation checking off his list. He has improved his attitude as well knowing that each week he reviews how it was and if he was respectful. My favorite part is the field trip papers, my kids love filling them out, but there could be more room to draw and I feel like there is 2 places to write what you learned. I would like a couple of pages to tape on souvenirs or pictures from the trip. The other thing I would change is a better place for attendance, I don't feel like I can find it very well. Otherwise, this has been a great tool and I've even bought and sent some to my friend. It is my first year homeschooling and God led me to your website! Thank you so much!

great book

This is the best planner i have ever used. We use it every year and its so easy to use!

Super prepared!

I۪m typically a DIY kind of person and therefore never wanted to buy a product like this_ I۪m so glad I changed my mind! I had a reality check and realized I didn۪t need to reinvent the wheel, and what homeschooling mom has time for that anyways? This portfolio pack has me super prepared for the upcoming school year, and quite frankly it looks a lot nicer than anything I would have come up with myself. The one thing I would change is to make more of the fields editable (like on the morning routine page), but most of what I wanted to change did have the option and I was able to make it all work just fine. Overall a wonderful value and a huge timesaver!