Elementary Homeschool Planner

What if you could throw out that traditional planner and stop erasing boxes full of stuff you didn't get to when life got in the way? It's not too good to be true. Take back your Sunday nights and teach your kids to work independently in the process! The Elementary Homeschool Planner is here to help!

Through responsibility and accountability, this planner helps your child learn to work independently. Parents can set up a "next thing" system to help their children stay on top of assignments, teaching valuable time management skills in the process. In this planner, you will find:

  • Weekly checklist pages 
  • Pages for habits and goals
  • Year-at-a-glance and attendance pages
  • Life skills checklist organized by age
  • Plus, much more!

Set your family up for success, and grab a homeschool planner for each of your children today!

Measurement of elementary homeschool planner: 7" x 9.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

We used this for the first time this year with our fourth grader and it worked so well! It really fostered independent work and kept her motivated. I really liked the accountability it provided for both of us!

Nicole Y.
Just what we needed!

I love how customizable it's is along with all the fun and encouraging extras makes this an excellent planner!

Rebekah Beasley
Great planner!

This planner has helped my 10yo be more independent with his schoolwork. I just write his assignments at the beginning of the week and he doesn't have to keep asking me what to do next. I'm going to use this for each of my kids as they get old enough, and we'll be using the ones for middle school and high school as well!

this has been perfect for us!

We used this planner for my second grader this year. Since I work parttime and a few different babysitters supervise her homeschooling throughout the week, it's been perfect to have one place where I can clearly plan out her assignments, including daily chores and responsibilities. She has enjoyed the goal-setting pages and activities as well. Highly recommend this tool as a way to build organizational skills, responsibility, and independence!

Erinn B.
Great tracking and so much more!

We only just scratched the surface on this planner this year! I love how customizable it is for my child and how easy it is to track everything. I hope to use the goal setting and other trackers more next year and definitely ordering another! First year homeschooling was helpful with this and Kim's 5 day boot camp on how to prepare for homeschooling! Thanks Kim!!

Boot Camp Link: https://www.notconsumed.com/homeschool-planning-bootcamp/

Marion B
Using it, loving it!

As a mom of 6, I've really appreciated having such a joyful, easy to manage tool for our homeschooling routine! We've been using it all school year so far (we're about 6 weeks from the end here!) And it's helped to keep us on track the whole time!


The planner looks so nice.

Elizabeth B
A great planner to teach responsibility!

My kids love this planner! It’s such a great tool to help my littler students take on responsibility for tracking their activities. They love the added independence!

Heidi Chou
Helpful Planners

I really love how these planners have everything you could think of inside. They teach you to goal plan, track habits, field trip assessments, but my favorite part is the skills check list in the back!! My child isn't that great at using planners but this is definitely a good planner to teach organizational skills with.