My Brother's Keeper Sibling Bible Study

My Brother's Keeper Sibling Bible Study

New 2023 Redesign and Pre-K level added!

My Brother's Keeper is a 4-week in-depth Bible study on the subject of sibling relationships. We will explore the stories of 10 different siblings from the Bible, some with beautiful stories and some with ugly ones.

Through the stories of these siblings and the pages of Scripture, your children will learn God's true purpose for siblings and families, the issues that siblings face, the responsibilities that they have as siblings, and practical tools for building sibling relationships.

This study is part of our Relationship Series, designed to teach your kids Biblical principles for developing and strengthening Christian relationships. Learn more HERE.

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Customer Reviews

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My Brothers Keeper Bible Study

Such a great study to go through a heart check on how to love and serve our siblings well. Would highly recommend this to families with kiddos and teaching them God’s way of honoring and serving our closest neighbors who are those within our own roof. 💖

An Answer to Prayer

A beautiful, beautiful study done in an approachable format. Very easy to flip open and do with the kids. We spend 15 min doing this study during a late lunch at the end of our homeschool day. My 10-year-old twin daughters, my 8-year-old son, and I are all thoroughly enjoying our time. I intentionally picked the 'primary' level b/c I knew they'd be tired after all of their school work and wanted less writing for them - and we're still getting just as much out of it. We all walk away with simple, powerful truths each time. Here's where I get a little emotional. I'd been praying for a great resource to disciple my kids more intentionally in specific areas this year. I've found it in ABUNDANCE in Not Consumed. What an answer to prayer!

Truthful, Convenient & Applicable!

This has been a great study for our large family, as we can never have too much teaching on sibling love. The daily excerpts are easy to understand for all of our young children, and we are grateful to be able to apply what we learn in our relationships each day. Yet another five star study from Not Consumed!

So helpful!

This has been wonderful for our family so far! We are using it along with the Sibling Conflict Chart and it’s been so helpful!

Tiffany Castaneda
Daughter loved this one

I have been trying to figure out the type of devotionals would work best for my daughter who hates reading. I had tried almost everything from bible on audio to scripture journals...the list could go on. I had one copy of this bible study and let her try it on her own time. She finished the whole book and really enjoyed telling me what she learned about her brother. She had used the primary level (she's 11) but she really enjoyed drawing. I am so glad I found something she loved and remembered. When I asked her what kind of bible study she wanted to use this school year, she asked for the Keep thy heart study. I am so excited and thankful to Not Consumed for your part in developing her quiet time thats full of joy. Praise God for you all.

Ashland Ganci
Loving this!

I bought the pre-k version for my 4 year old, the primary for my 5 year old, and the parent guide for myself. The lessons are quick and easy to finish, but the concepts being taught are allowing us to have conversations we might not have had. My boys are only about a year apart and there has been a lot of arguing lately, and I have appreciated this sibling study to guide my instruction and point us to Christ.

An absolute gem

I loved doing this study with my girls! While they won't change overnight, this gives a good place to talk about things going on in their lives and hearts when they aren't fighting and also helps when talking things through with them when they are fighting.

Jennifer Welch
Really helped our family

This study was done with my kids ages 14, 10, and 8, and we all really loved it! I noticed they put into practice what we learned, and their relationship with each other has become better. Would definitely recommend this to all families!

Easy for the littles!

My littles love this! The wording is great and catchy for them to actually remember and get something from it, even at a young age!