My Brother's Keeper Sibling Bible Study

My Brother's Keeper is a 4-week in-depth Bible study on the subject of sibling relationships. We will explore the stories of 10 different siblings from the Bible, some with beautiful stories and some with ugly ones.

Through the stories of these siblings and the pages of Scripture, your children will learn God's true purpose for siblings and families, the issues that siblings face, the responsibilities that they have as siblings, and practical tools for resolving the inevitable conflicts.  

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Kids have loved it!

Our Kids have loved this Bible study! We can’t wait to do another topic!

Julia Clayton
Summer Study

School year too busy to fit in a study like this? Ours too, but summer is a great time. Add in the routine of a fun study like this to help summer days go smoothly along!

April Guy
Great study!

We really enjoyed working through this study as a family. It was age appropriate and a challenging topic but very applicable. Honestly my only complaint is the cost. We would love to do more studies but buying five books for a 20 day study adds up pretty quickly. Having said that, we probably will come back for another study down the road. Thank you!

It's Great!

We have been doing our Brother's Keeper study with our 6 and 4 year old boys. Thanks to the description of each level, we decided to go with the Junior instead of Primary for our 6 yr old. It's the perfect level for his level of thinking and understanding. We will be able to complete this study again on the same levels and get an even deeper understanding! Plus it's making me and Dad dig deep into the Parent Guide!

Josie Iverson
Great Study

Great Study! A little hard to keep my younger one engaged but overall really nice.

Grace S
Excellent study for families!

The kids and I are three lessons into the My Brother's Keeper study. My kids' ages are 7, 9, and 11, and I love that each workbook is tailored to their age level. All three kids are really enjoying it so far and are excited when I say it's time for a Bible study. The books are laid out simply for the kids to understand, and they love the goodies (button, bookmark, stickers) that come with each study.

Cara McGinley
More than expected!

This Bible study was amazing! All 3 of my kiddos (ages 13, 12 & 5) were engaged with each day of the study. The memory verses helped to “sink in” the lessons. I was able to watch a heart change happen between my children. The study was good for me as well! It showed me that I had my own areas that needed healing, areas where I was being unforgiving, areas that I needed to surrender to Jesus. I was expecting a Bible study to guide and scratch the surface so to speak, but what I got was soooo much better! My children and I received healing through His Word. This has not only taught us what God says about siblings, and how to be a better sibling. It has also taught my kids how to be better friends, cousins, neighbors, leaders in their youth group and responsible students. It has taught me how to be a better parent as well. Thank you Kim and Not Consumed! I am looking forward to studying more with you.❤️❤️

The Clark Household

Our family has been delighted with many Not Consumed products, and your Brother's Keeper Study is no different. This study has been a lenten blessing to our household.

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Heather Lang
So amazing! Don’t hesitate!

A homeschooling mama of 2 boys! My hubby and I are from homes with no siblings! So, this study has helped our parenting as well as the relationship between our kiddos! It’s fantastic! We are on our second trip through the study! We are picking up little nuggets s we missed last time! Incredible! Thank you for bringing peace to our home!