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Organized Homeschool Planner

Do you want an organized plan for your homeschool year?

The Organized Homeschool Planner is your secret weapon!

Whether you've been homeschooling for 15 years or 15 minutes, let me tell you the secret no one shares. There is a SIMPLE way to plan and organize your homeschool year...and it won't consume your life!

Stop wasting time writing (and erasing) daily plans. Reclaim your time and lay a foundation that will support your homeschool for the WHOLE YEAR!

Watch this video to learn more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Cree Hawkins
Saved my year!

I’ve been looking for something like this, but could never seem to find a comprehensive (let alone Christian) planner, where all I need to think about is compiled in one book. I LOVE how Kim starts with the Why?! (Another thing I’ve been meaning to get down on paper). It’s just an all around great resource. At first I felt sill paying that price for a planner. But with the planner and boot camp videos it was well worth the investment from a planning, preparation and Peace standpoint. Can’t thank you enough Kim (staff, kids and whoever else is involved 😊)!

Susan Norris
Reeeeally helpful

I’m a long time homeschooler with a large family. This planner helped bring some clarity to what was feeling like an overwhelming year ahead. I was able to work through what did and did not match our vision for our homeschool. Highly recommend.

A Bradley
A blessing

I’ve been homeschooling since 2019 and have done all on my own, this year I’ve been feeling the need to get more organized and also bring God into our curriculum and finding this Family owned company and love everything so far. Our school is under a PMA so I don’t follow the Ca state requirements; however I do check them yearly to see where we are. I keep all my records but these items will make my life much easier. I’ll be a long time family till my little feet graduate and also share with them when they have little feet. Bless you all

Wonderful Student Planner

I am so happy I went ahead and got this planner for my son! It is great, and just what he needs and really beats me writing down his lessons in a plain old notebook. This will keep us both prepared for the upcoming school year!

Kristin Haygood
Great Planner

The vision section has been my favorite part so far. It made me really think about what I wanted to accomplish with homeschooling and my goals for our family. I’m on day 4 of the bootcamp and am excited to finish up and have everything ready to start our new school year.

Love it!

I am really enjoying our homeschool planner. It isn’t quite complete but the boot camp videos have helped a lot! I’m letting my kids pitch in and help me with a few pages.

Mrs VK
This is the BEST

I have used and looked at many planners, but last year I bought the Organized Homeschool Planner and am blown away! This is a planner that should be given to ANY first time home schooling family. If I would have had this when I started, I think it would have reduced the "normal" doubtful feelings that assail new homeschoolers greatly. This is hands-down the BEST homeschool planner I've ever seen. And I've been something of a planner "junkie" if that says anything. I'm currently going into year 10 of homeschooling and think this planner is a must have resource. Kim, thank you for putting so much well-layed out thought into this planner. I also feel like the focus on the children is really important. Finding things we love about them monthly is a good exercise for any parent. Thank you again. I share this with all who will listen ;-)


Seriously. Kim is the best. Her heart is written all through this planner. She is brave by sharing so much of herself to help all of us moms envision and have the very best homeschool we can imagine for our family no matter where we are at. The planner takes us step by step through the journey of becoming more organized and thoughtful homeschool moms. By the time we finish putting the pieces of the journal together we have a beautiful and solid plan to go forward. No matter where you are on your homeschool journey, buy this. It WILL bless you. Thank you so much Kim. I appreciate all the work you do.

Brigid Johnson
Changed my homeschool world

I can not say enough good things about this planner. I tell everyone about it! When I began using this planner it transformed our homeschool. I never did well with standard planners that had calendars and schedules for every moment of every homeschool day. This planner was very different. It helped me plan with a purpose. To keep our goals and mission in mind. It helped me thing of the bigger picture. Quality was wonderful and the design is beautiful and fun. I love having one for every year that I can look back and reference each year. I look forward every year, to ordering a new planner and getting started on my next school year. Thank you!