Books of the Bible Game

Want a fun and exciting way to learn the Books of the Bible?

For kids of all ages, just memorizing the books of the Bible can be difficult, and knowing what's in each book can feel nearly impossible! That's why we made the Books of the Bible Game! 

While playing games and engaging in some fun, friendly competition, your kids will practice memorizing where each book is located in the Bible, which literary genre it belongs to, and some basic facts about what each book contains. You'll be surprised at how much they pick up while scrambling to win the "Slap it" or "Bible Place Race" games.

The Books of the Bible game set includes 75 playing cards with instructions to play 13 different games but you can also get creative and come up with your own games too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ashley Borders

These cards are such an amazing resource and a fun way to learn and recall the books of the Bible!

Nice sturdy cards

We are excited to use these cards to help our kids learn the books of the Bible and should go great with our Faithpedia study!


The quality of these cards is great, they are thick, no need to worry about them getting ruined with younger kiddos. These are large cards and makes it a bit difficult to shuffle them. I think they make better studying cards than playing cards just because of the set up, although we have not played all the different games that can be played with them yet!

Amanda Nester
Fun, creative game

As stated, there several ways to play the game! The cards are nice, thick quality and the graphics are wonderful. I'm learning things about the books of the Bible along with my kids!

Jennifer Lewis
Fun-Study Bible Time

These are great for homeschooling, Bible class time at church a a group or just a fun game night. It allows them to gain and remember knowledge about the books of the Bible while being fun. They can play a game by themself or as a group testing their knowledge. My kids are excited to try the 13 different game ideas and even make up their own!

Bible Card Game

Great packaging although I wish it slid out on the side instead of the bottom. Very colorful and easy to read. I love that it gives so many (13) options for playing with them. My daughter has really enjoyed these.

Tracy Crouch
Engaging & Educational

Our family has had so much with these cards in a short time! We homeschool our 11 year old and a lot of activities and games are just the two of us...but Dad totally hijacked our game to jump in on the fun! 🤣🥰 I can't wait to try ALL the suggested ways to use the cards as we've only done a couple! Thanks for such an engaging and educational tool for our family!

Fun game

My kids enjoyed making up different games and we use them around the dinner table trying to guess the books etc. Love all the different ways you can use them.


We haven't played all the game variations but are loving it! The cards are sturdy and so beautiful.