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ACTS Prayer Cards

As much as we would love to have a strong and fervent prayer life, it can be hard to get started. Prayer takes practice and consistency. But don't be overwhelmed—even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray!

We all need some help when it comes to learning how to pray. Our new ACTS Prayer Cards can work as a reminder for your child to come to God in prayer every day. These cards will help guide their prayers and help them go even deeper as they explore God's character in connection with how that truth should affect their life.

Modeled after Jesus' example prayer for the disciples, the ACTS acronym covers four big parts of prayer:


Focusing on all four of these things in their prayer time will help your child keep the right mindset as they bring their requests to God.

This set of 31 cards in its sturdy gift box is easy to keep organized and neat whether they're at home, traveling, or at soccer practice!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jess Springer
Great addition to breakfast

We use these daily during our breakfast prayer time! I LOVE them. Each day a different kid picks a card looks up the scripture and shares it with the family and offers a prayer based on the card. In conjunction with the In the Garden study it is giving them extra confidence praying God’s word and praying aloud.

Great reminders

These cards are great for guiding my 8 year old through prayer. She was struggling knowing what to pray for. We have incorporated one each day into our morning meeting. They have made our prayers less repetitive and mundane. They are very simple and easy to read statements.

Susan Bailey
Great cards

I love having the four areas of focus in prayer. I especially like that the adoration and confession parts have Scripture references to look up. Reading the Scripture that is the basis for our adoration and prayer is wonderful.

Cara Carder
So important for children!

I love that these cards! We use them during our morning time along with our Not consumed Bible studies. Not only do they help us have intental time for prayer, they open us up to praying for things we wouldn't have thought of (widows, orphans, missionaries). But my absolute favorite part is it teaching the 4 correct and Biblical ways to pray/parts of prayer! (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, supplication/intercession). This was something I didn't learn until I was an adult.

A wonderful way to make prayer a welcomed habit.

I’m grateful for these cards. My young children are eager to say our prayers each night. The guide is so helpful for myself since I struggle with prayer myself. It’s helping us all get closer to God.

Dawna Houser

We are loving these cards!!! I have the kiddos write out
the first scripture on the card and we spend some time listening
To worship music and praying. It has been a great help for our family!

High Quality!

Our family adds these beautiful cards to our Bible time, to help us grow in our habits and prayer time with God. We have enjoyed them!

Melinda Jessie
Helpful and well made!

These are high quality cards that are really handy for prayer time! Thoughtfully written and enjoyable to use!

Brittany Lucier

These are beautiful high quality cards. I am very happy with my purchase from not consumed as I always am!