ACTS Prayer Cards

As much as we would love to have a strong and fervent prayer life, it can be hard to get started. Prayer takes practice and consistency. Don't let it overwhelm you! Even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray!

We all need some help when it comes to learning how to pray. Our new ACTS Prayer Cards can work as a reminder for your child to come to God in prayer every day. These cards will help guide their prayers and help them go even deeper as they explore God's character in connection with how that truth should affect their life.

Modeled after Jesus' example prayer for the disciples, the ACTS acronym covers four big parts of prayer:


Focusing on all four of these things in their prayer time will help your child keep the right mindset as they bring their requests to God.

This set of 31 cards in its sturdy gift box is easy to keep organized and neat whether they're at home, traveling, or at soccer practice!




Customer Reviews

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Susan Shawger
Great Tool

I really appreciate the prayer prompts on these cards! It has helped me to help my kids deepen prayer time.

Love for the Whole Family

These prayer cards, along with the JOY prayer cards have really helped our family to deepen our prayer time without the pressure of having to completely come up with your own ideas right off the top of your head. It's a really nice way to help each of us have meaningful prayers to share as a family.

We love the ACTS cards!

The ACTS pattern for prayer is a great teaching device we wanted to teach our kids. Then we stumbled upon these cards! They are super helpful to prompt ideas for what to remember. We love using them around the dinner table and at bedtime. A great investment!

Alyssa N.
Great Resource

We just started using these prayer cards and I love that it guides us and allows us to pray deeper. We struggle praying outloud as a family. We have a few prayers that we say everyday and I feel like we all go through the motions at times. These prayer cards have helped us be more thoughtful and have taught us how to pray intentionally outloud as a family.

Love this easy to use tool!

Our family enjoys these cards and we look forward to using them every night. Our prayer time has become more meaningful and intentional. We love how “others focused” these cards are. We also enjoy the scriptures that emphasize the prayer points. Highly recommend for those that are tired of kids saying, “I don’t know what to pray for.”

Amazing for going deeper

We were tired of cookie-cutter prayers at bedtime. These cards allowed us to have meaningful, outward focused, and deeper prayers while also learning about God’s character and heart. We use these every night! We LOVE everything we’ve gotten from Not Consumed.

Jill W.
Great Tool

This has been a great tool for my daughter as she learns how to pray and how to not just say the same prayer time after time. I can see her confidence growing. She used to shy away from praying in front of others and now she is asking if she can be the one to pray.


These cards are so very helpful to my kids who never know quite what to pray for and how. This helps our family so much and is getting us un the habit so that eventually we can do it without thinking about it , as a habit. All the study resources are amazing

Chelsea Campbell
Love for myself and kids

We use these cards at bedtime. Our bedtime routine consists of each child picking out a bedtime book, praying and singing, then cuddles of course. However, our bedtime prayers are pretty consistently exactly the same. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the same bedtime prayer, but I’m also very thankful for the opportunity that the ACTS cards give us to pray about things we typically don’t think to pray about regularly at bedtime. And I just love that it’s not only opening my eyes to different themes of prayer, but also for my children. My children imitate my prayers and I’m thankful they’ll likely be imitating these ACTS prayers as well.