Sermon Notebook

In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, even adults are up against a lot when it comes to staying engaged with what is being taught at church. Our kids and teens face similar distractions. Plus some struggle with sitting still, understanding big words, and many other totally normal things.

The Sermon Notebook is here to help you get more out of the sermon!

  • Beautiful design appropriate for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • Easy to carry to church (about the same size as your Bible)
  • Spiral bound so you can fold it back and take notes easily
  • Offers prompts that aren't distracting, but help you focus  

Available in three age levels: primary (ages 5-7), junior (ages 8-12), and teen/adult. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Jeniffer Do Nascimento
Got one for each of the kids

These are so helpful! The children pay attention to the sermon so much more when they have the notebooks to fill out.

Exactly what I was searching for!

I had been looking for something forever to help my kids stay focused during the sermons. I didn't want just a blank notebook as they all claimed they didn't know what to write and it seemed too daunting. This has the perfect amount of prompts yet can go with any sermon, and in its own way teaches them how to take notes. Some of my kids are really flourishing in using this tool. Some of the people in my church liked it so much that my church now offers it as a resource to all the children there! So thankful for this purchase!

So Easy

We were given this as a gift for our little one when he aged out of the children's service. It's easy enough for him to do, but I like handing him this instead of a doodle pad or whatnot. My nephew and niece use the next level up and like theirs too.

Dorothy Williford
Sermon Notebook Junior

Purchased for my grandson, although he is not quite ready for “big” church. This edition will help him listen with a purpose and allow him to draw what he has learned. Perfect size and great quality.

Great Idea!

I was looking for a way to help my kids listen better in church. I found these and purchased the Junior and Youth. Great way to keep them accountable to learn to listen in church.

This made a huge impact on my son.

My son starting using the notebook for younger kids and I shared the older version with kids in our outdoor ministry. These are awesome for helping kids focus and for discussion after the church service. I will certainly buy more. I actually came to the website to do that today.

Bethany Russell
Great, challenging, exciting!

My kids love these. I bought a couple of jr as well. Everyone loves theirs, and Sunday I caught my sons friend using his because it was “ so cool!” Kim, please keep these in stock because I’m sure I’ll need more!

What a treasure

I just received this today and I am so pleased with it. It will be a wonderful thing for my child who is transitioning from childrens church to the regular service. It has a wonderful amount of space for prayer requests, sermon notes and life applications. I cannot recommend it enough.

I want one for me

I saw this resource and had to buy it for my kids! We have both the Junior and Older Kids one. My daughter uses it from time to time during sermons and I hope to have her use it more during Youth Group as well. I think the outline gives a good guide on how to take notes and focus during a sermon. I wish I had one for me! 😜