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Sibling Challenge Game

Sibling Challenge Game

We all know sibling relationships are hard. Anytime we live closely with someone our own desires, opinions, and ideas will cause friction in that relationship. We need God's help to learn to navigate them His way. 

Our first step is to go through the Bible as a family and learn what God has to say about siblings. If you haven't had a chance to do that yet, please check out My Brother's Keeper first.

Once you've finished our Sibling Bible study, it's time to put what you learned into practice. That's where the Sibling Challenge Game comes in. 

How to play:

Choose a different Sibling Challenge card each day to show an act of love or service to your sibling. After completing the challenge on the card, scratch off a star to reveal a letter that you will then use to decode the Secret Message card.

The game includes 3 different Secret Message cards so each Sibling Challenge Game can be played through completely 3 times!

You'll want to grab this fun and practical way to actively show love for your siblings!

There are 48 cards with a specific challenge in one of 5 different categories:
  • Serve
  • Celebrate
  • Encourage
  • Love
  • Witness


What ages is this for?

Independently, the game can be played by kids ages 6 and up. However, if you want to play with your child, it could be used at any age!

We specifically designed this for the child or teen who isn't interested in the Sibling Challenge Journal either because of the reading level, writing component, or just the general functionality. 

Is this something we should do as a family?

I recommend you let your kiddos take the initiative to do this themselves. Ask how it's going from time to time or possibly help them add it to their daily checklist. If they are motivated to do it on their own, the results will be incredible. 

But of course, it would be fun to do it as a family, too. You could pass the box from person to person and let them take the next card. As you complete them, you'll be working as a team to finish the puzzle. 

Whatever works best for your family so they will do it, is always the best way to use it! 

Do we have to complete the Bible study first?

I recommend you complete the sibling Bible study first as a means of laying a strong foundation. However, it's not required.