Sibling Challenge Game

The Sibling Challenge Game is the perfect tool to help your kids learn to love their siblings and intentionally build healthy relationships.

We all know sibling relationships are hard. Anytime we live closely with someone our own desires, opinions, and ideas will cause friction in that relationship.

But we can't give up! With God's help, we can use tools like this one to help us love well. 

This game will serve as a tool to help challenge your kids to serve, love, give, encourage, share, and more.



Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Krysanna N
So fun!

We bought these after doing the siblings bible study and I have really enjoyed all of the fun and creative ways they can continue to learn how to love and serve their siblings. Jealousy abounds among our 4 kids and this has been a great tool for learning cooperation and respect.

Ashley Hopkins
Excellent, once again

I will be recommending this to anyone who will listen and has kiddos. This is such a brilliant, edifying tool for young siblings.

Tiffany Hough
So precious!

I love this pack. It is so sweet to see how excited the kids get when choosing a card!

Amy Highfield
Sibling Challenge

My kids are really enjoying the game and the challenges.

Courtney M
Great Cards

We used these as a whole family during the month of December. We enjoyed the simple challenges of notes and kindness.
We did one challenge and in a few months we will do it again.
My kids enjoyed scratching off the stars and the secret message.

Ashley Felys

My kids are so excited to participate in this game!!

A. Garritson

We look forward using it once or twice a week to apply the challenge more. Take time to pray. It helps a lot to give me ideas with children ages 11, 9,8,6,5,3 & 1. Thank you.

Tara Fletcher
So fun!

My kids love this game! It‘a a fun way to get them to fill each other’s buckets!!

Hannah Wingert
My Kids Love This!

I have three kids who are currently doing this so I gave each of them one of the secret message cards and told them which star to scratch off (1st, 2nd or 3rd). They absolutely love this game and I love that it's helping their relationships with each other.