I Have Decided: A Bible Study on Exercising Your Faith

Congratulations! Your child has just surrendered their life to Jesus! This is such a joyful and exciting thing! But just because your child has made a profession of faith doesn't mean they know how to walk with Jesus. Now that they're a Christian, it's time to learn what this really means and what it looks like in their life every day!

I Have Decided is a Bible study created to help new believers understand how to live a Christian life by exercising their faith. Through studying God's Word, your child will:

  • Learn about their new identity in Christ
  • Learn how they can trust God and walk with Him on their own 
  • Learn practical strategies for spiritual disciplines
  • Be empowered by God's strength for their Christian walk instead of relying on themselves

Packed with scripture and truth, this study is a great resource to help your new believer work out their salvation and grow in newness of life!

This Bible study is available in 4 age levels from the primary level through the parent level and is meant to be done individually, then discussed together as a family. (More on our family Bible study model here) 

Customer Reviews

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A God-Sent Resource

We just had a young lady give her heart to the Lord Sunday. Monday, I opened my email from Not Consumed telling about a resource for new converts. God sent this at the perfect time! I ordered one for the mom and one for the young lady to do together. They were so excited to get it. I looked through it before giving it to them; looks very thorough and well done, just as all the Bible Studies are. Thank you for making these at multi levels where families can study together!