How can we help you?

I am so thrilled you're here and want to help answer all of your questions! Not Consumed is a family-centered business. When I first opened the doors in 2012, my mission was to be able to stay home with my kids and continue homeschooling as a new single mom.

Today this business employs several other homeschooling moms, who are working hard serving their families and the Not Consumed community.  As you can imagine, we are striving to keep our priorities straight while knocking your socks off with the best customer service available.

Please know that helping you is extremely important to us.

Because we understand that as a busy parent your time is valuable, we've created resources so that you have immediate access to your products and answers to your questions without having to wait on us to change a diaper or fish those Legos out of the potty (seriously, why do kids do that?)

We ask that you please view these resources before emailing us. We are confident that most questions are answered here and that ultimately it will save you time to read these pages. 

If you are wondering which version to purchase or have general product questions, please go to this page

If you are having trouble downloading or accessing your product, please go to this page

If you are interested in a site license or bulk discount, please go to this page.

If your questions aren't answered above, please don't hesitate to contact us at below. Let us know that you've watched the videos and try to be as specific as possible about your question.

We will be waiting to help!