JOY Prayer Cards for Kids

Can't wait? Check out our ACTS Prayer Cards! They work just like JOY cards but have a different acronym: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Find out more here!

Do your kids say the same things every time they pray? Does it seem like they're just repeating words they've heard adults say, and don't really understand what they mean?

Our JOY Prayer Cards are the perfect resource to take those repeated "God bless my family" prayers and develop them into a robust, faith-filled prayer life. This set of 28 cards with four different themes:

  • Provides prompts for prayer
  • Teaches a prayer strategy for your kids to learn
  • Introduces different categories for your kids to pray through

These cards are a practical tool for both parents and kids, so order a set and help your kids pray thoughtfully and sincerely right away!

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews

Beautiful cards.

Shelley Gutierrez
We love the cards!

These cards help everyone feel more comfortable praying aloud in front of others as well as get out of prayer ruts where we're saying the same prayers all the time. Highly recommend!

Great prayer prompts!

We use these everyday in our homeschool routine. The kids love picking the next card to pray with. I desire to teach my kids to have a powerful prayer life and this is such a great tool! It helps us to praise God for Who He is, pray for others, and then a specific prayer for ourselves. Great cards!

Rebecca Fowler
Perfect for all ages

My 3 year old and I use these at night time prayers. Not only is it teaching him how to pray while he's young, these cards have also been a great reminder to me . They teach how to pray, who to pray for, and always an attribute of God. What a refreshing way to end our day. Thanks so much!

Susan H.
These are great!

Our family enjoys using these! They're nice to give as a gift too!

Delana Stewart
Wonderful Resource!

These JOY cards came in a timely way and were exactly like the video portrayed them to be. They are a gift for my daughter and we plan on using them together soon!

Easy prompts for littles

These offer a great variety of praise and prayer content for guiding children to pray specifically and sincerely

Tanya Reimer

These prayer cards are a wonderful tool for our morning time.

Great Prayer Prompts

The JOY Prayer Cards have been a great addition to our bedtime routine! They have really helped add focus to prayer time. Appreciate how it begins with a reminder to praise Jesus for who He is and then moves on to praying for others then yourself. Great resource for all ages!