Obey Bible Study for Kids

Teach your kids the importance of obedience by laying the right foundation: God's Word. Obey is a 4-week Bible study for kids ages 4+ focused on getting to the heart of the matter. 

Journey through Scripture and learn about people who struggled with obedience in this kid's Bible study that includes HOW, WHY, and WHEN we should obey. Children will be challenged to seek answers in the Bible for the number one issue in their lives: obedience. 

Customer Reviews

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Michelle M
First one we did

This is the first Not Consumed bible study we completed. We went through it together and discussed the questions instead of having the kids write in the book. Now that they are a bit older, for future studies, I am buying each child one along with the parents' guide. I love how this one shows why obedience is so important when looking through a biblical lens. It is great how it goes through exactly what obedience is (like do it fully and the first time) and gives biblical examples.

A needed study for anyone who has kids!

I repeat… a needed study for anyone who has kids! It teaches the importance of why we need to be obedient to God and our parents.


We have done several devotionals over the years, but this is our favorite! The kids are engaged and actually understanding their need for Christ to change them from the inside out! We will definitely be doing more of these!


My 6 year old enjoyed doing this study and I loved that we could do it together. We will do it again as she gets older. She will get great things from this study throughout her childhood.


Very helpful as a reminder for kids who often choose to not obey or obey on their own time frame.

Learning to obey

It’s a struggle as a kid to want to obey, but this study gives them (and the parents) the tools to help them succeed. Sin is always an issue, but the study helps to get their focus on what they should do and the type of attitude they should have doing it.

A game changer!

This study changed the direction my family was going. Not only did this study serve as an anchor for family time, it made God the center of that time. My husband's and my spiritual lives are deeper, our relationships with God are more vibrant, and we have had great discussions that brought us closer together. The kids still act like kids, but they have more language and reference points for Godly behavior and character.
PS - My husband and I remind ourselves regularly that God changes our kids, not us! Thank you for that reminder.

Naomi M.
Planting Seeds!

We have been really enjoying this study. I love that there is a level for all 3 of my school age kids. I know this won’t miraculously cause my children to work with happy hearts when we do school or chores, but I know I’m planting seeds of working for the right reasons and the right attitude.


This has been a most wonderful way for our family to get started in doing daily family devotions! The only problem has been that I didn't purchase a book for my 3 year old, and she at first felt left out. It really has given us a great foundation, and we all enjoy the conversations and encouraging/reminding each other throughout the day.