Obey Bible Study for Kids

Obey Bible Study for Kids

New 2023 Redesign!

Are complaining, waiting till the last minute, and half-hearted responses a regular occurrence in your house? Teaching obedience to our kids can be a huge challenge!

Our Obey Bible Study helps parents and children learn by equipping parents to know how to teach obedience that comes from the heart, and using scripture show kids what (or really, WHO) drives true obedience.  In this 4-week, personal study, your kids will look at the how, why, and when to obey, learning:

  • An understanding of rules and authority.
  • The need for immediate and sincere obedience.
  • Why obedience brings blessing.
  • When to obey and how to look at Scripture to evaluate rules and authorities.
  • How to obey the right way.

Grab a study for the whole family and get an honest look at obedience in your home with the Obey Bible Study!

This study is part of our Relationship Series, designed to teach your kids Biblical principles for developing and strengthening Christian relationships. Learn more HERE.

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Customer Reviews

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Great study!

We are really enjoying doing this together as a family as our homeschool bible study!

Ariana Cagle
Perfect for my littles

This is our first year homeschooling. I have browsed various Bible curriculum and they all seemed to be too much for my young kiddos. I found this site and purchased one bible study to give it a try. I love that I can purchase different levels, but my kids are still learning the same thing. My kids really enjoyed it as well. I will definitely be purchasing more!

Jennifer Roche

What a wonderful way to share in the word with your children.

Ashley R.
The kids love it

My kids are 11 and 9 this year and we normally read and write scripture every morning to begin our day and I wanted to try something more focused this school year. I purchased Obey and A Content Heart for us to try out. The kids chose to start Obey first and so far they are really liking the material. My son doesn't like to read too much for himself but after a discussion about this he has started doing the daily studies completely on his own in the evening so that we can come together in the morning and discuss the content and pray together. Both kids are happy to do their study every evening. The content is very on point as well. When we are going through our days if we start getting to where we don't want to obey, I can bring up our lesson and it gets us back to where our hearts should be. Overall we really enjoy the study and it has been great for our family. The kids love the stickers too!

Thoroughly Enjoyed

My Kids and I did this for Bible time each week day and are almost done. I would let my older kids do it on their own while I helped my 2 younger kiddos and then we would talk about it after lunch each day. My 4 year old even got into it and often now says "Obey without delay". This is a good study and it even really got me thinking about my obedience to the Lord throughout my life and showing that example to my kids. Love that there is a journal for each age category so no one is left out.

Jennifer Roche
Bible Study

Got this to go along with my Bible study. It's perfect for my daughter. Definitely recommend it.

Emily Thacker
Great for Littles!

I love that there is a book for each child, but especially for my 5 year old! He still feels included and enjoys the portion that's all his. Stickers and mazes and coloring is just perfect for him! The Primary level I'm using for my 7 year old, and it has been perfect again! Not too long, but with scripture to look up and read it's great. My eldest is 9 and it doing the Junior level. He is very much enjoying it as well. Looking forward to ordering more from your site for future bible studies!

Highly Recommend!

My boys and I love this study!! I have four elementary school aged boys. They look forward to doing the study each morning. I also love the content. We talk about obedience a lot in our family, but doing this study has been very helpful in giving more Biblical examples and expanded Bible verses to what I have already taught. It's also been very fun to do this as a family but with age-appropriate content for each child. I wish I had discovered these studies sooner!


Our first of many studies! My son enjoyed going through the study together and I loved showing him the scripture and carrying it further. So much to learn, this study was a great guide.