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Navigating Friendships Bible Study

Life is a lot like a long journey on a ship. Some days are sunny and pleasant. Other days are rainy and dreary. And sometimes there are days when the howling wind and crashing waves are bigger than we can handle on our own. That's why God gave us friends!

In this 4-week Bible study, discover God's perfect plan for friendship, how to make friends, how to be a good friend, and how to pick a good friend. Friendship is a beautiful gift, and you can learn to navigate it well! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lorraine C
Great bible study!

Navigating Friendships was a great study to start off the school year with. After a year and a half of virtual/hybrid learning and the detrimental social impact it had on children, this study helped me to prepare my son for reentering school with all of its social complexities and challenges. This bible study provides the essential foundations of true friendship, describes how to be a good friend, and, most importantly, establishes that Jesus is our best and most precious and faithful friend. I love the nautical analogy of captain, first mate, and second mate to describe the core friendships we have and then the inner and outer circle realms of friendships that extend from there. The study does a great job in presenting the characteristics of a good friendship and giving biblical examples to illustrate these qualities. My son and I refer back to this study all the time. It helps him gauge how he is doing as a friend and where his peers fit into his network of friendships. I definitely recommend this study.

Lesinda Grobler
Fantastic Bible Study

What a wonderful Bible study this is for my 2 teen girls! I highly recommend this study for all children to navigate through friendships. Thanks for this study Kim.

Suzanne Hardy
Great Resource

Thank you for this excellent resource. I have been using it with my two sons 6 and 4. For the most part they are really getting it, especially the part about the ship and Jesus being their captain. Although occasionally the topic seems to fly over there head, I am so glad to have had the guide to begin having conversations with them about what Godly friendships look like at such a young age. Will be ordering more material! Thanks again.

Karen Smith
Awesome Christ based study for kids...and adults!!

We have all loved this, 8 YO, 11 YO, mom, and grandma all enjoyed learning what Jesus teaches us about being a good friend and keeping friend's. I wish I had this study when I was a child. It would have made life easier. The kids loved having a study geared for their age group and that they got their own book. Will definitely look at other studies for them to do!! So well done!!

Rachel Ems
Perfect for my daughter

My daughter and I have loved this bible study. She is 7, so I felt it was important for to begin to understand the types of friendships, qualities that make a good friend (on her part and others), and that not all friendships are a good choice. I also feel this will carry over to when she is older and navigating other relationships. I love how each lesson is short and involves a picture for her to draw as she loves that part. I also love that it incorporates short scripture. My daughter is in charge of looking up each verse in the Bible (finding the correct book, chapter, verse, and then reading it out loud to me), so even that has been great practice for her!

Very helpful!

I got this to do with my granddaughter and so far it’s been a great tool to teach her how important it is to choose friends wisely & that there are different levels of friends. She’s 8 and is starting to see that everybody isn’t nice & doesn’t make good choices, so I feel it’s the perfect time for this.


My kids and I are enjoying this Bible study. I believe they like that is concise and to the point while actively making them think through friendship.