Navigating Friendships Bible Study

Life is a lot like a long journey on a ship. Some days are sunny and pleasant. Other days are rainy and dreary. And sometimes there are days when the howling wind and crashing waves are bigger than we can handle on our own. That's why God gave us friends!

In this 4-week Bible study, discover God's perfect plan for friendship, how to make friends, how to be a good friend, and how to pick a good friend. Friendship is a beautiful gift, and you can learn to navigate it well! 

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Another fantastic study!

Another amazing study! We love all your studies, but this one is hitting my kids in the best way.

Great way to teach kids to have personal Bible study!

My son (10 years old) has been loving these studies. He loves to wake up in the morning and sit and do Bible study with mom! And as soon as he finishes one study, he is excited to order the next one from Not Consumed! So thankful for your ministry to our family.

Jennifer Einhorn
Loved this Bible study

My son loves this Bible study. I think my one complaint, and it’s very minor would be to put something about being an only child in it. It was a little heartbreaking when he got to the siblings part. He used our dog as a sibling to be funny. Lol maybe you could do a separate Bible study for siblings and their unique friendships. Just a thought.

Lori Simmons

We have thoroughly enjoyed this! Have already recommended to a friend!

Perfect study

Got this for my kindergartner to help us study and learn about what it means to be a friend and how to be the friend that Jesus wants us to be. It's simple and easy to capture his fleeting attention span.

Jennifer Horstman

Just like the others I have bought from Kim, this is fantastic and well done!! Love it! Thank you!

Lorraine C
Great bible study!

Navigating Friendships was a great study to start off the school year with. After a year and a half of virtual/hybrid learning and the detrimental social impact it had on children, this study helped me to prepare my son for reentering school with all of its social complexities and challenges. This bible study provides the essential foundations of true friendship, describes how to be a good friend, and, most importantly, establishes that Jesus is our best and most precious and faithful friend. I love the nautical analogy of captain, first mate, and second mate to describe the core friendships we have and then the inner and outer circle realms of friendships that extend from there. The study does a great job in presenting the characteristics of a good friendship and giving biblical examples to illustrate these qualities. My son and I refer back to this study all the time. It helps him gauge how he is doing as a friend and where his peers fit into his network of friendships. I definitely recommend this study.

Lesinda Grobler
Fantastic Bible Study

What a wonderful Bible study this is for my 2 teen girls! I highly recommend this study for all children to navigate through friendships. Thanks for this study Kim.

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Joni Siefker
Awesome study for siblings!

This study was a great way for us to start our family devotions everyday. It helped with practical ways for our kids to seek out biblical friends! They even learned how to treat each other as friends not just siblings. The prayer section prompted us to each pray specifically for how God desires us all to seek out friends that point us to Christ. Thank you!