Becoming a Servant Bible Study

Does it take several repetitions of "Pick up your toys" to get your kids to clean up? Or is there fighting all over your house because everyone wants their own way and no one wants to take turns? Maybe your kids will do chores when asked but don't take initiative if left unprompted. If any of those sound familiar to you, there may be a lack of servant-heartedness in your home!

Jesus calls us to put others above ourselves and to work hard with what we've been given. In our Becoming a Servant Bible study, we learn how selfish we really are as fallen humans. We look at Jesus' example of servant leadership, what spiritual gifts are, and how to use those gifts to serve others. We pray that after completing this Bible study on serving, you and your children will be motivated and empowered to use your gifts for God's glory and place the needs of others before your own!


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Serving in our home

This is our second NC Bible study, and I so enjoy each morning coming together as a family to share the Bible. This Bible study allows us all to work together at the same time, on the same study at different age appropriate levels. I have so enjoyed seeing my two kids grow in the Word of the Lord as each week we learned how we could serve each other and our community and glorify God.

Dora Dillow
I wish I had these studies when I was little

Sometimes as a parent, you know what you want your kids to learn. You have a vision for their lives, but the hard part is how to teach them and lead them closer to our vision. I like Kim's studies, and this one is important. It helps your child to think about serving others as this is something that will impact his adult life. As a parent, I know that following these studies will give me a guide to engage in conversations and learning moments with my kid. If you plant the seed of servitude, your child might be more open to God's leading in his life, and be more confident in his ministry in the future. It has 20 lessons and is a beautiful theme about a cute family of mice.

Rebekah Nafziger
Serving our families the Lord’s way!

We are currently in the first half of the Work unto the Lord study and will pick this one up in a few months. I have several of Kim’s studies filed on the shelf, and we finish one and start another! I get my youngers (ages 7 special needs, 6, 4) the preK version (they love the activities!), but I read to them from the primary version since it has more for me to teach and share while they do their preK booklets. I have found that it is best for me to do the Parent study the night before and work with my littles in the morning while my olders sit at the table independently completing their study. Then the olders and I discuss before breakfast. In a family with littles and youth, I find Kim’s format so valuable for reaching my teens’ hearts!

Growing a Servant

I have a 9 year old son, and I LOVE this Bible study! The questions are really thoughtful, and create great conversations for us to discuss how to be a servant. I Love this study, and have seen a difference in my son's attitude and heart to do things. This is a great study with a good mixture of reading, writing, and drawing for his age.
Thank you!

Great Study

I purchased the pre k, Primary, and Junior. My younger ones loved the pictures and still want me to read them their book during story time. My oldest is easily overwhelmed, but the Junior was just right for her. It pushed her to do more than she usually would but wasn't too much. The primary was perfect for my just turned 8 year old. We all learned and enjoyed great discussions from this study.

Love it

I love the new Becoming a Servant and Making Peace studies with their new design, along with their great content, as always. However, I noticed the letter size is smaller than previous studies which puts a little pressure on the eyes as a parent. Other than that, kudos.

Jennifer Horstman

Love all the studies and it’s so nice that all 4 kids can do it at their level!

Must have!

I'm absolutely loving these studies with my 4 kiddos! Its the perfect open and go curriculum for any family wanting to teach their kids about God! Highly recommend!

Great study!

We have never been disappointed by any of the Not Consumed studies. Becoming a Servant was no exception....what a blessing it has been to me and my two 14 year old girls. Highly recommend!