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Sibling Challenge Journal

The Sibling Challenge Journal is the perfect tool to help your kids learn to love their siblings and intentionally build healthy relationships.

We all know sibling relationships are hard. Anytime we live closely with someone our own desires, opinions, and ideas will cause friction in that relationship. But we can't give up! With God's help, we can use tools like this one to help us love well. 

If you'd like a digital copy, instead of the softcover, please click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Delighted and excited

My daughter was so excited to receive her new books I started buying them early to prepare her for the next year I'm buying them in sections but she absolutely loves them and is excited to get started in them

Sibling Bible study

We ordered the study guide to do with our 12 & 14 year old. They are loving it so far! It’s been a great conversation starter for breakfast! The sibling journal is awesome as well! I would love to see an additional cover that’s more for the boys… My son feels like it’s too girly. I highly recommend this Bible study

Loving it!

My 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son have started the study and journal. They have really been more engaged with it then I expected. My kids get along fairly well most of the time but we definitely experience frequent bickering and I would like to see them encourage each other more. I am grateful for a resource that will help my kids value their sibling more and for them to have each other’s backs and remain close.

Great Character Building Journal

My girls have loved this journal. They love all the blanks to fill in and all the coloring pictures. As a mother, I love all the character building that they are being challenged with. I love seeing them challenged to pick a new area to work in each week.

Excellence and applicable

This study was our favorite. My two older girls and I completed the study. Both of my daughters had several “ah ha” moments when discussing the reasons we have siblings. ;) it was also great to purposefully think of ways to bless our siblings. And then actually do them! The kids felt encouraged to serve their siblings after this study daily. Thr serving wasn’t out of obligation but more as a “it’s better to give than receive” attitude.

Great journal

We have do the My Brother’s Keeper Bible Study every time the kids need a reminder of their role. I thought this journal would be a great companion to that to keep their minds on God’s plan for that longer.
It is a beautiful journal and my
kids have really enjoyed using it. It has def kept them in the right frame of loving and serving their siblings. It has a variety of pages and choices of things to do and lots of great prompts.

I also gave it to my neice along with the T-shirt, bracelet and study and she really thought it was a great gift.

Sibling Challenge

We loved the My Brothers Keeper study so much we decided to order the Sibling Challenge book. It is just as awesome asnd really has the kids consider and appreciate each other. Great tool to use in teaching!


Some of the junior one was too wordy for my 5 year old, but that’s my bad for trying to apply to middle age one to him.

Maybe I should have tried to have my middle kids do theirs, and my 5 year old do the youngest one - or visa versa.

But working on a budget this works fine!

Glad we got it!

God is good. This is good!

Thank you for creating it!