Keep Thy Heart Bible Study

2023 Redesign, PreK and Primary age levels added! 

Anger. Pride. Despair. Our kids are facing all kinds of enemies, and often are ill-equipped to guard against them. Rather than reactively deal with the fruit of these unchecked heart issues, it's important that kids know how to proactively guard their hearts from those enemies ever taking root.

In the Keep Thy Heart Bible Study, your kids will learn how dangerous sin is and how to guard their heart from its influences. While looking at Scripture, your kids will:

  • See how their actions are directly related to the state of their heart
  • Realize how important it is to keep their heart protected
  • Learn about 9 enemies of their heart and how to guard against them
  • Rely on Jesus to to change and protect their hearts 

Order your study today and help your kids stop sin before it grows!

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Joni Stephenson

As always, a great study! The study is thoughtful and engaging.

Christine Seal
Best study ever!

This study has given time for me and my children to grow together. I highly recommend this for anyone. I have struggled to find a good fit for all of us, and this one does.

Excellent study!

This was a fantastic study! We've done several studies, and they never disappoint. I loved the focus on protecting your heart. This is so important for kids to understand that the things we do, watch, talk about with our friends, etc., have a huge impact on our hearts, and, eventually, our actions.

Aimee M
On topic

My prayer for my kids has always been that they would keep their hearts in God's hand and trust Him to guard both their heart and mind.
I appreciate this study as I continue praying for my college age son in this vein.

Emma Stinnett

Enjoyed working thru it. Looking forward to purchasing more.

Great tool for me!

I bought this for myself to see what the resources looked like. I’m so excited to go through this myself, and then also with the kids. I‘ve recently returned to my faith after a long hiatus, and these tools make it easy and comfortable to get back into the practice. Thank you!!!

Meg B
Great for understanding the basics

I think this was the first study that our family completed together- and the one that got us hooked on Not Consumed products! This is a great heart-conditioning curriculum that gets families into the Word together while also giving elementary kids and up the opportunity to practice diving into the Word alone during personal time. I'm really happy with this one. P.S. The Ocean Commotion CD (radio theatre) was a big hit with my kids, and months later they're still asking me to play it.

Rebekah Nafziger
Powerful study gets to the root of why we do what we do

As an adult, I’m still learning how to guard my heart from the idols that crop up. This study was amazing in bringing these concepts to students and unfolding the biblical truths in a way that drew them in and gave us strategies for breaking free of the habits that trap us. We have studied using many materials over the years, and this was the perfect capstone to drive it home for my youths and a good stepping stone for my 9yr old who hasn’t had the in depth precepts at his level. We are constantly referring back to the Keep Thy Heart principles we dug into in this study! Thank you for another amazing resource!

Reviewer avatar
Excellent content

I'm so happy when I receive a new NC bible study! They are so well written and engaging. My teenager enjoys doing them, and is able to understand the concepts even on her own.