Work Unto the Lord Bible Study for Kids

Does teaching responsibility and good work habits seem impossible to you?

We all want to have responsible kids, but sometimes it can be easier to do things ourselves than to require diligence from them. But easy can come at a cost. When we don't help our kids see the value of hard work, we aren't equipping them for the life God has for them!

In this Bible study, Work Unto the Lord, we will learn where the idea of work comes from, how God has uniquely designed us for the work He has given us, and how we can develop good work habits that help us fulfill God's calling in our lives.

Work is a gift from God! Are you ready to learn how you can see it that way too? 

Customer Reviews

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We enjoyed this Bible study

I bought the primary study for my 6 year old. It was perfect for her age range, not too overwhelming, with too much reading or writing. It's easy for her to understand the message. She has had fun doing this study, and she actually asks to do it. We will be buying other Bible studies from Not Consumed again. Thank you, Kim and family!

Loved this Bible Study!

I bought this back in May but was saving it for our homeschool year! My boys (8 and 11) have thoroughly enjoyed this study! It worked out great for us as it incorporates some ELA and vocabulary into it! My favorite part is going back through their books and reading their responses to the questions each day! I had a doctor’s appointment one morning and left them home to complete their work…not able to wait until I got back home, they called me so excited to ask if I knew that Ruth and Jesus were in the same family tree! They have learned so much about God’s intentions for our work ethics and they’ve really allowed it to soak in. I definitely recommend this study and can’t wait to begin the next!

Megan Carter
Very enjoyable!

My kids (15 and 13) and I worked through this study together, and we really enjoyed it. I love the workbook aspect which kept us all engaged. I also really appreciated how many scripture references are used throughout. I would definitely recommend this study!

Great study!!!

This was a great study. We did it as a family during family devotions. I must say I learned some things right along with the kids. I highly recommend this one!!!


Just like all the other Bible studies I've gotten for my kids so far, this one is good. Covers the subject well.

Family study is what my heart wanted, but there is a learning curve

I was so very excited to find out about this family style Bible study! We are only able to come together about twice a week because of jobs, but it has worked. Having people in three different levels has been a little much, which is probably us getting used to it. So while we read the parent one, we read from the junior book as the kindergarteners doodle or copy a theme word I have written on their primary books. Since there seems to be a lemon theme to the book, my family unanimously decided that each time we sit down with the study, we must have a lemon treat! So we have enjoyed things are simple as lemonade or lemon tea, to lemon cookies and lemon glazed loaf (getting the dishes done was easier since we had just read the study with the little red hen, ha ha!) It’s a very good study, and helps remind the parents as much as the kids about the truth of work and how our daily attitude should be toward it. We will definitely be choosing another study from Not Consumed soon.

Jessica Grove
Wonderful Study for BOTH of Us!

I've been working through this study with my 11 year old daughter. We do the study independently, but we find time to talk about it later. It's been very good for BOTH of us! I've recommended all of Not Consumed's studies all over social media. We are homeschoolers in a large community of homeschoolers, and I believe they'd be a valuable asset to all families. I can't wait to place our next order! Thank you so much! And, PLEASE, keep producing these wonderful Bible studies.


I spent the last month doing this topic study with my 5 yr old and 8 yr old for our Bible class. They are homeschooled. It was sooo fitting to start our school year off with this study! We learned so much together, and I have referenced points many times since! Thank you!

Worth it!

We loved this Bible Study! It was very well done, not cheesy, and I definitely felt the Holy Spirit had guided the making bc the flow of content was just right!