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Work Unto the Lord Bible Study for Kids

Does teaching responsibility and good work habits seem impossible?

We all want to have responsible kids, but sometimes it can be easier to do it ourselves than to fight the battles. But easy can come at a cost. When we don't help our kids see the value of hard work, we aren't equipping them for the life God has for them!

One day they will move out, and unless The Jetsons send Rosie over, our kids will need to learn to cook and clean. Not to mention they will need good work habits in order to provide for their families and fulfill God's calling in their lives.

In this Bible study, Work Unto the Lord, we will learn where the idea of work comes from, how God has uniquely designed us for the work He has given us, and how we can develop good work habits.

Work is NOT a dirty word (despite what others will tell you). In fact, work is a gift from God! Are you ready to learn how you can see it that way too? While we still have kids in our homes, we need to take advantage of the time we have to teach them the work ethics they will use for many years to come!

Customer Reviews

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Krista Yoder
Good stuff!

We're enjoying doing the Work Study together as a family!! It's good for all of us. Thanks!

Jennifer Lewis
Straight To The Point

These lessons are formed well expanding knowledge and critical thinking in the classroom for all ages. We can't wait to go through the complete lessons and see the results! Goes great with the 5 day video lessons!

Jennifer Lewis
Beautifully & Wonderfully Made

These lessons are formed well expanding knowledge and critical thinking in the classroom for all ages. We can't wait to go through the complete lessons and see the results!

Stacy Petersen
Work unto the Lord Bible Study

My KIDS love it, AND, I love it! The challenge videos were a phenomenal way to kick off our study, and they were sad we only had five, haha! My kids are 8yo, 6.5yo, and 5.5yo, two girls and a boy. They are eager to get to work, they love contributing, earning commissions, and growing in responsibility and trustworthiness. I have guarded my schedule to invest more time with training them on chores (that's why I picked the summer to do this study, when I can afford to spend more time on this with them). The immediate inspections are great for them AND me. They see how the Lord has entrusted work to them, they see it as a gift, and they are grateful. On the occasions when they don't "feel" like it, I remind them of the Scriptural truths, and they adjust well and quickly. The thing is, I have been teaching them these principles and truths their whole lives, but this study SOLIDIFIES it, AND, we have UNITY as a family, as we are all on the same literal page. So glad I got each kid their own book. Worth it!!!

After our first week, we had our hiring day. They LOVED applying for their jobs. After the second week, they had their first pay day, and, we held a lemonade stand.

They love it when I remind them to "pour some sugar on it" (SO helpful!), and we will often play music to set the mood. They are learning to genuinely love the gift of work, and they are working hard at it, and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you, Kim!

I have told many friends about Not Consumed and your excellent support and resources!

Charlyn Foote

I’ve looked through it and love it. My son and I are starting this tomorrow.

Praise the Lord!

We have grown and learned so much from this Bible Study. When it came time to cleaning the basement all my children complied quickly and without a bribe or consequence. Thank God for this Bible Study!

Ashley Hopkins
We love Not Consumed

Once again, Another brilliant Bible study by Not Consumed.

Tabatha Schreck
Another great study!

As always, this was another great study. I love how going through these studies with my children always convict me and speak to my heart as well!

Jessica neal
Great tool

I wanted to start family bible time and this is a great tool to be able to start that. I was feeling overwhelmed with what to do and how to make it interesting. This fits perfectly and works well with our family.