A Content Heart Bible Study for Kids

A Content Heart Bible Study for Kids

 A discontent heart isn't just one that says "gimme." It's one that shows selfishness, starts conflicts, and grows in bitterness. The only way to combat discontent in your family's hearts is for God's Word to change them.

In our A Content Heart study, we look to the Bible to do just that! This contentment Bible study for kids and families:

  • Teaches kids what biblical contentment looks and feels like
  • Shows how and why to be content, as well as how to avoid being consumed by greed or materialism
  • Explains how being thankful in all circumstances is honoring to God
  • Gives parents the tools they need to lead their kids in contentment

You will love how much more peaceful and joyful your family is when they understand biblical contentment!

Customer Reviews

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So Grateful

This was our first study together as a family. When we gathered at night to go over what we did that day, it led to the best conversations, honest conversations, vulnerable conversations that weren’t always the easiest to have, but we could see how God was growing us. Our family is so grateful for Kim and her servant heart. Our family is looking forward next to doing The Fruit of The Tongue.

Fun and quick

We've been doing this devotion as part of our home school (3yo and 5yo). I love that we can use our Bible for the verses and that it discusses the verses in a way kids understand. We have had a lot of conversations about having a content heart since starting the study (mostly with my 5 year old). I've been encouraging him to pray at the end and his prayers have reflected that he is learning from the study- makes my momma heart happy.

Cara Cullum

Good concept

Ashley S.
Exactly what I was looking for!

This study is exactly what we needed, can’t wait to get started! Gratitude is such an important thing to teach at a young age! This will be great to keep the kiddos on track and to find joy in what we have and the things that really matter!

Emma Stinnett

Each book is completely different and welcome study.

Great study!

We have loved every Bible study we have completed but this one is so relevant in life! Thank you for all the amazing Bible Studies that point to the Lord!

Perfect study before Christmas!

This study is perfect to do in the late fall leading up to Christmas, followed up by their Christmas study, Mercies at the Manger. It really kept my kids' focus on what the season was truly about. We purposely had a much smaller Christmas than usual, and they were perfectly content with what they received, and I can't help but feel that a large part of that was the combination of the two studies. Thank you for another wonderful study!

So beautiful

This book is so beautiful! It is sturdy and easy to flip through. We haven’t started yet but I read the first few days and I’m so excited to start my little on this journey.

Ann Wallin
Impacting children's hearts!

Absolutely love this devotional ! My children are using critical thinking skills, growing in their minds and hearts. Have seen the benefits of the daily lessons in everyday moments.