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A Content Heart Bible Study for Kids

Struggling to fight off the me-first "gimmie" attitude that consumes kids today? We need God's Word to help our kids as they strive for true contentment in their lives.

This contentment Bible study will take kids and teens on a journey through Scripture, learning how to find contentment with themselves, their circumstances, and their worldly possessions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
A timely study

We went through this study as a family during a time of trials, and it was both encouraging and challenging for us. Thank you for helping us as parents train our children in studying God's Word!

Linda Torres
The Best!

As a family we love this Bible study. It always lead to great conversation between myself and my children. They are easy to follow and understand. And are a true blessing.

Perfect November Study!

We are only halfway through this study and it's amazing! Another beautiful, thought-provoking study from Not Consumed. My teenage son came to me and said "Mom! The versed they had us look up today were really good! Like, fantastic!" This is a kid who is deep in the word in a Leadership program in not only our church, but surrounding states, where kids learn to disciple and share the gospel and are being trained to be leaders. His youth pastor has them memorize entire books of the bible. So, for him to say it's amazing, and makes him think and challenges him, is amazing and wonderful and we will just keep on doing your studies! Thank you so much, Kim & team!!

Brandi Perez

Really like these bible studies my daughter really enjoys them

Catie Lobbezoo
Just what I was looking for!

I'm the head counselor for our Church's girls program. I have been searching for the perfect material for our group to use, but was always dissatisfied. My pastor's wife suggested this, and my counselors LOVE it!!! This is exactly what I've been searching for!! We don't use it as it was intended (daily use) but it works great for us!! Thank you!!

Hannah Bender
The perfect study for special time with my girls

This was the perfect study for me to do with my girls ages 9 and 11. It spoke to our hearts and lead us through what God's word says about having a content heart.

Jes M

The Bible is always our source of truth, despite what society tries to say. Love that these Bible studies guide kids to dig into their Bibles to find and support these truths. Very well done.

Melissa Hancock
A good study for today's world

I have always tried to teach my kids to be content. It is so wonderful have the Bible verses to show why. Content isn't just about being okay with where you're at, it's about following God and being right with Him. Knowing He gives us everything we need. This study was so well done like all of the other Not Consumed studies. We are always looking for the next study. Thank you for providing these wonderful materials!

Allison Mozley
Great study!

This was a great study for my 3 and 7 year olds. It didn't take long but they learned lots and it got them in the Bible!