A Content Heart Bible Study for Kids

Struggling to fight off the me-first "gimmie" attitude that consumes kids today? We need God's Word to help our kids as they strive for true contentment in their lives.

This contentment Bible study will take kids and teens on a journey through Scripture, learning how to find contentment with themselves, their circumstances, and their worldly possessions.

Customer Reviews

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Great study!

We have loved every Bible study we have completed but this one is so relevant in life! Thank you for all the amazing Bible Studies that point to the Lord!

Perfect study before Christmas!

This study is perfect to do in the late fall leading up to Christmas, followed up by their Christmas study, Mercies at the Manger. It really kept my kids' focus on what the season was truly about. We purposely had a much smaller Christmas than usual, and they were perfectly content with what they received, and I can't help but feel that a large part of that was the combination of the two studies. Thank you for another wonderful study!

So beautiful

This book is so beautiful! It is sturdy and easy to flip through. We haven’t started yet but I read the first few days and I’m so excited to start my little on this journey.

Ann Wallin
Impacting children's hearts!

Absolutely love this devotional ! My children are using critical thinking skills, growing in their minds and hearts. Have seen the benefits of the daily lessons in everyday moments.

Dora Dillow
Perfect for my only son

I have an only son who is 5. This 2023 I started a gratitude journal that we work on every night to help him think about the good things God gives him each day. However, he is still focusing on what he didn't like or was done wrong to him. Kids are not selfless by nature; we are all very self centered. He thanks God for his tablet time and his favorite toy. So, I am planning to incorporate this study to help his mind focus on the things that matter in his life. I like the simple style of writing from Kim. She wants to makes sure your kid gets the main point, and she uses a very conversational tone with real life examples. The book comes with 20 lessons and one final review day for a total of 21.

Rebekah Nafziger
Learning to be Content

We did this study back in 2016 with the original version. My current teens were 9 and 7 at the time. It really helped us to see the importance God places on contentment. It is time to collect this reprint for my four younger children! Giving thanks is a command of Christ that really unlocks the joy and character He wants for us to shape us into His image!

Wonderful Family Devotional

We did this devotion during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and it was a great tool to help us stay focused on Christ and not get caught up on the constant "wanting" during that time of year. We love these studies because they allow us to be in the Word together as a family, and the different levels are very age appropriate.

Wonderful Study

This study was fantastic at showing how to have a contented heart through the Lord. Wonderful message and love the way it is written!

“Choose whatever makes you happy” is the WRONG advice. Contentment is KEY!

The other day while having a conversation with my 14 1/2 and 12 year old, I said “the Bible’s references to happy are as to The Lord alone. He doesn’t tell us to just follow our hearts and be happy.” My 14 year old looked at me and said “really?” She was extremely shocked. In a world that is constantly feeding us this lie, I’m beyond happy with this study which shows us to be content!!!