Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

The words we say matter in a HUGE way to God, and they have tremendous power over our lives and the lives of those around us.

This 4-week Bible study for kids covers one of the most powerful issues we face: controlling our tongue. The Bible shows us how to choose life or death.

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Let no corrupting talk...

We really enjoyed the "Fruit of the Tongue" Bible study. We found it to be encouraging and convicting, both for ourselves, and for the kiddos. I think that my favorite part of the Bible study was all of the verse cards, which we now have plastered in different places all over the house. This has been my favorite Bible study so far!

Rachel Yoder
Great Study!

We are loving Fruit of the Tongue Bible study! It’s not just good for teaching our children about respect and kindness, but it’s been great for reminding my husband and myself that there is wisdom in limiting our words. So good!! I highly recommend this study!

Grateful for this Resource

I really wanted something organized and structured to do with my kids. In reality, I'm a skeptic as to what will work. But this Bible study was perfect for us. I chose to do it individually with my children, one-on-one as a special time together once a week. It's not too long to tire my 9 year old. Also, it gets us directly into the Scripture and it opens up great conversation. Instead of one more thing "to do", it is a time together that my kids really look forward too. I'm grateful for this resource that helps me to make sure we touch on these important heart matters together.

Amy H
Excellent Bible Study

We are loving this Bible study! Our children are 8 & 13.
Thank you for not putting a specific Bible version in the books, so we can use our favorite the KJB!
We are all learning how to use our tongue more wisely, very convicting!

Amazing tool for my daughter

I bought this as the first book for my oldest daughter. She was having a hard time understanding that her words have meaning and she needa to be very careful to insure her words line up with Gods words. This bible study has been an amazing tool to help her and it allows her to understand on a more personal level. We plan to take our kids through all the bible studies. Thank you!

Loved It

I wanted to teach my kids about their words and how important they are! Then I found this study and it helped us dive in. I love how many scriptures are used and the questions really pull the kids in! It really made us more aware of what we say and how we say it! Loved it!!

Love it!

My kids and I love these programs! My kids range from 8-14 in age. Thank you for working so hard to help our families have some spiritual enlightenment in their lives!

Worth it!

I love how short but precise this study is. It helps me as a homeschooling mom to put some practical things in place with myself and my children. One of our weaknesses currently is being kind to others and this has been such a great study for us! I highly recommend it. I bought all 4 levels of the study as I have several ages of children!


We are all loving this Bible study. It's been great! All three of my kids can do this study at their own age level and then we can come together and discuss it together. I can really see God working in their lives and what they are saying to one another and to others. It has been an excellent addition to our day!