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Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

Age Level

Fruit of the Tongue

Have you ever said something really awful or hurtful?

When we feel frustrated, annoyed, or treated unfairly, it’s easy to lash out with ugly words without thinking about the consequences those words might have on ourselves or those around us. But just because it’s easy and most people are guilty of doing it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. The things we say matter in a HUGE way to God and they have tremendous power over our lives and the lives of those around us.

Whether you already know you want to work harder at controlling your tongue or you haven’t quite decided on that yet, there’s a lot in this study for you to learn.

Power of the tongue Bible study
First, we will explore the power our tongue has--to do both good and evil. In weeks 2 & 3, we will explore 10 positive effects of controlling our tongue, called FRUITS. Finally, we will learn simple ways to remember all we’ve learned and tame our tongue even when it’s hard to say the right things.

This study is divided into 4 weeks of lessons, each week containing 5 days. It’s written for individual or family use including books for kids ages 4 to adult.
Are you ready to speak life, enjoying the vineyard of good fruit God has for you? Let’s go!

Bonus Bible Study Fun Pack

Because studying the Bible should be an adventure to remember, EVERY study includes a bonus Bible study fun pack. Our goal is to help engage and excite kids of all ages. Included in the pack is
  • 4 key verse cards from the study (in ESV)
  • a super cute sticker set
  • bookmark to remind kids of the concepts in the study

power of the tongue Bible study

Primary Level Ages 4-8

The primary age level is uniquely designed for ages 4-8. Each day, parents have a short lesson to read and discuss with the child. Then the child has a page to draw (or write) in response to what he/she has learned. 

Most days contain one or two key passages to read together as well as a key truth to discuss. (Parent discussion guide included.)

power of the tongue Bible study

Junior Level Ages 8-12

The junior age level is uniquely designed for ages 8-12. It is written for the child to do independently and then discuss with the family (discussion guide included).

There are 2-4 Scripture references to look up along with questions to answer. Some questions have lines to write and some have boxes so the child can choose to write or draw.

Power of the tongue Bible study

Youth Level Ages 12+

The youth age level is uniquely designed for ages 12+. Each day, teens have 4-8 verses to read, along with questions to answer. Our goal is to help them dig even deeper into God's Word and apply the truths to their lives in a practical way for the issues teens face.

Although this level is specifically targeted for teens, all three age levels tie together through daily central themes, discussion questions, and at least one verse each day. (Parent discussion guide included.)

We suggest purchasing one softcover book for each child, as these books are intended to be written in.

power of the tongue Bible study

How to Use as a family

When using as a family, each child should get his/her own copy on their age level. We recommend having kids ages 8 and up work alone while you work with younger kids. Strong readers should begin working on their own as soon as they are able, but I wouldn't recommend doing this before at least age 8.

Once each child has completed their lesson for the day, meet together as a family to discuss what you've learned. (Think good old fashioned Bible study style!) We've created a parent guide detailing the day's power truth, key verse, and some discussion questions to get you going. 

Discussion is the best way to help your kids read the Bible for themselves and develop the kind of PERSONAL faith they need as they grow older. When you have to repeat what you've learned, it creates deeper learning. Plus, when you do a Bible study as a whole group, kids tend to lean on each other instead of applying the knowledge themselves!

Make the Bible Come Alive

Help the Bible come to life for your kids through award-winning audio dramas. The Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study Kit makes an excellent faith-filled gift as it encourages Spiritual growth through engaging Bible study, exciting audio drama and daily truth reminders (that just so happen to look pretty cool.) Click here to upgrade!

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