Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

2023 Redesign, PreK age level added!

Do you find your kids complaining a lot? Or maybe they tend to speak carelessly, or even say unkind or mean things? They may know that their tongue is out of control, but they don't understand the importance of taming it.

Our Fruit of the Tongue Bible study is designed to help guide kids to an understanding that their words matter–to God and to everyone around them. While looking at Scripture, this study will:

  • Show what the Bible has to say about the impact of our words
  • Teach children the importance of speaking wisely
  • Help them learn how to build and restore relationships by controlling their tongues


Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
So Beautiful

This is an awesome study for learning what to say and how to speak.

Ruth Hurry
Good Bible study

We did this Bible study as part of our homeschool with our 5 year old granddaughter. We enjoyed doing it.

Melanie B
Timeless Truth

I first did this study with my children in the summer of 2020. We were looking to breath new life into our weary world as the pandemic raged on. This study did just that. But more recently, I was able to go back to this study and use some of the poignant lessons as devotions with a Christian girls group. It was beautiful and impactful for the girls, the leaders and myself to remember the power of our words - especially when mentoring girls on the cusp of womanhood/high school!! I cant get enough of the Not Consumed products!!! Its worth the shipping all the way up here in Canada!!

Good for the whole family!

Excellent to do with the whole family. Everyone can learn from the study. It is a good reminder for parents too!!

Sarah Gamlieli
Perfect For All Ages

This study has been such a blessing for my children ranging from age 5-17. Recognizing the power of their words has had a wonderful impact on all of them. The artwork in this study is gorgeous as always.

Ashley M.

We are a family of 7!! Children ranging from 11 to 3m. The 3 oldest have their own books. I love the layout of them. The 11 and 9 year old have the same, and the 4 year old has the pk one. I love having all the stickers, and weekly reminder cards. We put the card on the fridge so that we will be reminded often. The lesson was laid out wonderfully along with constant reminders to reenterate what scripture is teaching. I highly recommend.

Excellent studies

My family enjoyed studying “Fruits of Tongue” and discussing it together. It is truly a blessing. We started new bible study and looking forward to all other studies that I ordered. Thank you, Kim for your efforts in this.

Megan Eilers

My family LOVES this! My three year old loves doing her “Bible work” and my older kids love the interaction that this facilitates.

Christine Seal
Great for every age!

I have children ranging from 10 to 19. We thoroughly enjoy our discussions and have been encouraged to grow further in our faith.