Developing a Quiet Time Bible Study

Teach your kids how to have a quiet time with this Bible study. Designed to give them a solid foundation, Developing A Quiet Time helps kids learn HOW to spend time with God and WHY they should make it a consistent habit.

During their 28 days of study, kids will learn what the Bible has to say about this topic, how a daily quiet time will affect their lives, and a simple way to spend their time with God.

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We tried out this study after watching Kim’s video series. It is fantastic! It is the perfect structure for us to get into God’s word with our kids easily each day. The key truths have encouraged thoughtful discussion and I appreciate how she encourages you to just use this time as an offering to God, letting him use it in the lives of each of your family members as He will. I just placed an order for enough studies to take us through this next year. Thank you, Kim!


Help my children understand why I had it in tbier routine.

Christina Miller

This is a great study on the importance of having a daily quiet time. I love it!!

Julie Fisher
Thank you!

My twelve year old began this study with me and after just a few days wanted to complete it on his own. He’s been consistently having time with Jesus without me having to prompt him. I know that is mainly due to God’s work in his heart, but I’m thankful for this helpful resource that God used as a catalyst. May God be pleased to produce fruit in his life, and other kid’s lives, through this helpful resource you’ve created. Thank you! Soli Deo Gloria!

Heather Mason
Quiet time

I’ve done the study with five of my children, ages 8 to 17. We have really enjoyed it. The booklet is high quality, thought-provoking, full of truth and easy to use. It’s well worth the money. That said, I’m not sure how many of the studies we can continue to do because of the cost. Wishing the booklets were lower quality (not the content of course, but the format) and more affordable. The accessories (stickers, button pins, bookmark, cardstock Bible verses) are so nice and add to the value but do of course make it necessary to charge more. I would appreciate the option to leave those out and pay less.

Carla Genin
Quiet Time Junior Study

Great teaching tool!

Jennifer Lewis
High Quality Lessons For All Ages

Parent guides are really just adult lessons that teach us and allow us to be a better conduit for teaching our children. So much thought has gone into these and yet so simple and efficient that you can easily fit them into your daily schedule!

Jennifer Lewis
High Quality

It is so important to have quiet carved out in our crazy busy schedules so we don't loose perspective and priorities! I can't wait to study this lesson with the girls!

Great Tool!

I bought this for my high school girls Bible study group. It is helpful and easy to do, but challenging. The girls were excited to get it, and they liked the button! My prayer for them and myself is that we will continue to meet with God everyday. Thank you for this resource!