Do Right Bible Study

If your child's friends jumped off a cliff, would your child decide to jump too? It's a silly scenario, but our children are faced with decisions and temptations every day. How will they know how to make the right choices, and where will they get the strength to fight temptation? Through God's Word, of course!

In our four-week armor of God Bible study, Do Right, we will take an in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about right, wrong, and the temptations we encounter. We will examine why sin is such a serious problem, how Jesus made it right for us, and how the armor of God gives us the strength to say no to sin, no matter what! 

In our Bible studies for kids, Bible studies for teens, and our parent studies, your whole family will learn:

  • About the seriousness of sin and your need for a Savior
  • How the armor of God helps them make wise decisions in the face of temptation
  • About real people in the Bible who faced temptation, both the wins and the losses, and how to triumph over sin!

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Bernard
Love this study

Working through this study with my eight year old. We have experienced much reflection and we've shed a few tears together. It is such a beautiful thing! Thank you for all that you do!

Today is the last day of Do Right study!!

This Bible study has been so much fun and really eye opening for my children and me!! We have really enjoyed learning God's Word and changing our hearts with this study!! I really enjoy hearing my children pray at the end of every lesson!! At the end of this study we go over the 3 top enemies that keep us from God, and my children draw paths to the ending of their lives by either following God's word or following the world, flesh and the devil, and where they will end up being at the end of their lives depending on the path they decide to take!!


This brought more things into perspective for my teen. Absolutely love that this brought her back to the basics and made her rethink her relationship with God!


Another fantastic study! This was our 9th study with Not Consumed. We've even done Obey twice! The topics are always spot-on, and I love being able to see an area that I think needs work, and we can study and grow! Seeing my kids apply their learning always makes my heart happy. When doing this study, my 10 year old told me that when she wakes up at night to get a drink, she is tempted to sneak a cookie because no one is around. Because of this study on how sneaky Satan is, she recognized that and knew how to resist. I cannot recommend NC studies enough, and this one in particular was fantastic!

This has helped my two elementary sons

This is a beautiful study! My children are learning that the world is their #1 enemy, their flesh (their sinful nature), and Satan are their 2nd and third enemies. They are learning how to fight back against this with the Word of God, to be ready to use God's Word to help them fight back against their enemies, and they really enjoy the sword pen!! The pen is fun along with the stickers! Easy daily lessons!! Oh!! The sword pens are A HUGE bonus for making this even more fun!! Sword of spirit!!

Dora Dillow
Kim did it again

This is a beautiful conversation into the mind and conscience of your child. It flows like a conversation about how the basis to know and do right is Christ, who and what is trying to make your child do wrong, and what tools Christ has for this battle. It is more than just going over the armor of God, and the language is perfect for a small kid like my 5 year old boy.

Excellent study!

We loved this study. Teaching kids to chose correctly in the face of temptation based on biblical truths, doesn't get better than that. Thank you!

Good study

This do right study is great. Such a great way to teach about the armor of God.

Wonderful Bible Study

In a world filled with sin and constant temptation, this study is awesome for my 12 and 9 year old - my 12 year old hates telling her friends “no,” and looking through this study, I know this will be a great reminder and encouragement for her to always do what is right in the Lord’s eyes.