Do Right Bible Study

Do Right Bible Study

Temptation is something every Christian will encounter, including your kids. We live in a world full of enemies, and the only way to fight sin is to recognize it and arm yourself with the tools God has left for us!

Do Right is our bible study designed to teach kids how to use the Armor of God. It explains clearly how to defend against sin and make wise choices in the face of temptation. If you're watching your kids struggle to fight sin, this study will:

  • Talk through the enemies we all face
  • Explain the problem of sin and its solution
  • Teach how to use the Armor of God

Order your copy today and help your kids live in the victory and strength of God!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 94 reviews
    God’s Armor

    This was so great in helping my kids think through the whole armor of God. I really enjoyed going through this with my kids. I love that you can get different books for different ages, but then still come together for discussion.

    Jennifer Welch
    Loved it!

    This study was such a blessing to our family. My children ages 14, 10, and 8 really enjoyed it. We had great discussions, and I saw them put into action what we learned. Definitely recommend!

    sarah medeiros
    So good

    This study blessed our family so much. We had a child struggling with some hard things that at the core of it had to do with making the right choices when no one is looking. This study helped us as parents navigate how to guide that child in the right direction and encourage them to make choices with God. It was so healing and so good for our family. Thank you for making this.

    Put on your Armor

    My teen daughter loves all of your studies. I purchased this in addition to several others as a birthday gift. She hasn't started this one yet, but was excited to receive it. The topic is applicable all the time to all people.

    Sarah Hager
    Looks like fun to study

    Purchased this study to do with my kids over the summer so we haven’t started yet. However when it came in my kids were all excited about it and are looking forward to devotional time this summer.

    Cara Cullum

    Haven’t started it yet, but I’m excited for my son to start

    Natalie Sarver
    Exactly what I was looking for

    My fifth grade teacher loved anything medieval and placed a heavy emphasis on the armor of God. He was such a memorable teacher and learning about the armor of God in his class was special. He passed away recently and I wanted to find a study on the armor of God to do in memory of him. I knew I wanted it to be intentional, not just cutesy coloring pages. I jumped on this one and I'm so glad I did. It was exactly what I was hoping to find. We uses the primary level for my 6 year old and it was perfect for him. Thank you for our second awesome Not Consumed study! We're looking forward to many more.

    Stephanie Brogdon
    Do Right

    Love it! We really enjoy the scriptures quotes and being able to look them up in our bibles.

    Lori Mast
    There's more than just one enemy.....

    Most of us think of the devil first when we think of why we sin. This study gets down to the facts about the different reasons we sin, and goes over each one individually. It doesn't make you feel like a terrible person for not being perfect, but gives you some tips on how to do better. I highly recommend!