A Content Heart Bible Study for Kids

Struggling to fight off the me-first "gimmie" attitude that consumes kids today? We need God's Word to help our kids as they strive for true contentment in their lives.

This contentment Bible study will take kids and teens on a journey through Scripture, learning how to find contentment with themselves, their circumstances, and their worldly possessions.

Customer Reviews

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Very pleased

I recently discovered Not Consumed and have purchased 5 total studies for my family of 5. We love doing these in the evening together. My sons are 8, and I struggled with getting them the primary or junior books. Ultimately, I decided to get them the primary and give them the choice to write sentences or draw pictures. My daughter is 6 so I like having them work on the same types of books. I plan on coming back to this study again in a year or two, and I’ll buy them the older books next time.

We loved it!

My daughter and I absolutely loved it! All material that I have purchased from here has gone above and beyond my expectations, and my daughter looks forward to opening each book. Before we finish one book she is asking when we will get another one. ❤️

Mandy W.
My daughter LOVES these!

My 12 year old is obsessed with these studies. She can’t stand being without one… as soon as she is getting to the end, she is asking me to order another. I’ve never seen her so eager to learn about God; these are such a blessing. My only negative is I don’t know what we will do after we have done them all! Thank you for making these! I searched for years for something like this, and I wish I had found it sooner.

Love it!

My kids and I love these programs! My kids range from 8-14 in age. Thank you for working so hard to help our families have some spiritual enlightenment in their lives!

So Important

I really cannot stress enough how relevant these studies are. As much as we try to shelter and raise our children differently, they still live in this immediate gratification world, and we need to explicitly teach them how to survive it. These studies are god sends. Seriously every family needs to get this!

Highly recommend

These devotions (we’ve done Guard your Heart as well) are truly fantastic. My kids have become familiar with the bible, because we are reading and retaining so much scripture. I love the work for me as well and i look forward to our discussions as a family. Not Consumed has been the breath of fresh air we were looking for in our Bible study time.

Jessica neal

I love this. I haven't started but looked through and can't wait to begin!


I’m so excited to start this with our girls. We’re finishing up another study by not consumed and it’s just so beautifully written for both of their ages. Thank you for another Bible study that we’ll get to enjoy together as a family.

Jennifer Lewis
Content Content

These lessons are formed well expanding knowledge and critical thinking in the classroom for all ages. We can't wait to go through the complete lessons and see the results!