Keep Thy Heart Bible Study

Did you know that your heart-attitude determines the path of your life?

This Bible study for kids and teens is all about protecting, keeping, and guarding your heart so you can grow in Christ instead of overflowing with those "ugly" things that threaten, such as pride, anger, discontentment, and fear. 

In Proverbs 4:23, we are told that our heart truly defines who we are and where we will go in life. Let's get busy protecting it! 

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Capozzi

My grandson and I are loving doing the Bible study together before school in the morning. He really loves the pen, it added a special touch.

Great book.

Great book. Good ideas. The topic is so appropriate. Keep these books coming.


In addition to being an exceptional study, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how high quality this set is! (This was our first Not Consumed purchase.) The memory verse cards are made of a high quality material and will hold up to my kiddos for years to come.

A Wonderful Resource for the Whole Family!

This study has opened up such deep conversations and has brought an awareness about our hearts that the world would find foolish. We would highly recommend it to others!

Keep your heart

What a wonderful study to do alongside your pre-teen and or tenn. we have enjoyed it & as a mom I have loved being able to share my own testimonies. This study has truly taught my daughter and I new ways to connect & grow in the Lord.

Joy MacInnes
Keep thy heart

Love it, short, sweet, and to the point. I love it! And my boys do as well. Perfect addition to our school morning! Will be buying more!

Katie Swanekamp
Keep Thy Heart Study

The 'Keep Thy Heart' study was my first 'Not Consumed' study. My friend & I were looking for a Bible study to do with our kids who had never done a Bible study before. This study worked out well. I like how interactive the lessons are. I like that you're asked to do different things like copy a verse, write out an answer, draw a picture, fill in a blank etc. Since the kids were asked at times to do certain things, like draw a picture for example, they were comfortable doing those things throughout the study. Sometimes it was easier for them to draw a picture when they weren't sure how to verbalize their answer.
The only thing I didn't like about this study was that the pages in the kids books didn't correspond to the pages in the parents books. It would be nice if a note was added to the parents pages saying what page in the kids book each page went with.
Otherwise I think this study was simple, yet challenging enough for the kids (ages 8, 9, 11). The context was thorough & interesting. Both my friend & I have referred our kids back to the lessons learned in this study multiple times. We look forward to starting the next one.

Virginia Hickman
This is an excellent study for all ages!

I have been doing this study on the heart with my teen daughter for morning Bible study. We love it! It’s not a deep, heavy duty Bible study, but it’s perfect for bringing out truths in an easy upbeat way. I like that we can use our KJV Bible with it , too.

Fantastic family study

We loved this study! We paired it with a psychology unit study & the connections my kids made were amazing. Thank you for yet another wonderful family study!