My God Says Bundle

Insecurity. Fear. Anxiety. Depression.

Feelings are a very real part of life, especially for kids. Some stuff their feelings until they POP. Others transfer their feelings to anger and frustration that EXPLODES all over those around them. 

Whatever their reaction, every day our kids decide to either believe what the world tells them about themselves or what God tells them

That's why we wrote this journal!

Our My God Says collection helps kids identify their feelings and counsel those feelings with truth. Like David in the book of Psalms, we are going to have feelings! Kids just need to learn how to meet those feelings with truth instead of the lies our culture feeds them.

The My God Says Bundle gives your kids the tools they need to conquer those waves of emotions and stand steadily in this world of ever-changing "truth." Plus you'll love the savings in the bundle price of these 3 unique tools!

Customer Reviews

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We enjoy it

My daughter and I will be going through it for the summer. I have enjoyed so far the different variety of things to do in each section. Also the draw or write out the verse for the first part of the journal entry is perfect for my daughter who is almost 9 who isn’t a big fan of writing but loves artsy things. It is perfect to even stretch out for over a week too. I can’t wait to do more

Extensive Guided Journal

The Life Journal (Youth 13+ version), I have found, is an extensive, all-inclusive, type of guided journal. The layout has a creative yet consistent structure, is inviting, and easy to understand. The 'Journaler' is given ample opportunity to traverse key concepts in both the Old & New Testaments. In addition to relevant scripture verse references, there is a figure featured in each of the fifteen sections. For example, Charles Mulli is the person featured to illustrate how God defines our worth through His love (section three). The features provide a brief description. In this example, we are taught about how Charles Mulli came to know and receive this truth for himself and how he lived out this truth for the benefit of the marginalized peoples in his communities. I have purchased over a dozen (12+) My God Says Bundle Sets (Life Journals) as gifts to pre-teens, teens, and adults. The feedback, thus far, has been very positive. Recently, an adult I had gifted it to remarked on how great this resource is for new believers who need guidance in understanding and building a solid foundation in their new life identity & purpose through Christ. Further, he mentioned how it has served as a great reminder for himself. I recommend gifting this resource not only to the young people in your life, but also to their parents/guardians who could also benefit from the impactful reminders of who God says we are and the purposes of it. The gift recipients would reach out to us and/or to one another with questions and/or praise reports. I'd likewise check in with them. It is truly a wonderful blessing to witness the growth and transformation! IMPORTANT NOTE: The journal refers to the verse card(s) at the end of the sections. The scripture verse cards are formatted as postcards and are included with the bundle. It is not absolutely necessary, but it is a very helpful tool that makes it easy to encourage connecting with others (outreach). If you purchase just the journal, the verses can always be written on your own cards/stationery.

Brittany Hebert
Enjoyable and Much Needed

I ordered this bundle for my 8 year old soon to be 9. She had been struggling with self worth and who she is. Something I didn’t seem to struggle with till middle school. We have just finished the first chapter and my daughter loves it. She loves the personal time that we spend together going over the lessons. I wished they had something like this when I was a child and when I was struggling. I love how it blends our faith and it reinforces her identity in Christ! In the world today there is so much girls are learning through social media and other people at around them that this book helps to make them more confident in who they are. She loves all the stickers and the scripture cards. Would definitely recommend to others!

Ivette Sierra
Good Quality

I ordered this bundle set for my grandson who is 14 years old. I love how the journal makes it easy for him to flow with his thoughts. It is well made and the color sequence is perfect for him as it is one of his favorite colors. I love to give him the cards because on each card is a statement from God, not just a Bible Verse. For example one of the statements is: My God says... I am victorious because He fights for me. It is a great opportunity to discuss with the child and hear their opinion on whether this is something that they believe or need help believing. Great way to share with them.

I'm not a teen but....

I'm not a teen girl anymore, thank goodness! But I bought this study for me! I am a caregiver for my parents and raise adopted children with a lot of baggage. A lot of days the tough times distract me from who God says I am. This book is simple enough to do at the end of the day, but so full of Biblical truths it pulls me back to center! Thank you!

Just bought this on the sale of just being released!!

I'm so excited to get this for my sons to study God's Word in their Bible with the easy lessons. My boys truly need this journal to be able to use God's Word when or if someone tries to say they are not good enough, because that's calling God a liar!! I really like that the cards are already separated to help with having the correct cards for each chapter, and my sons are going to really enjoy all the fun stickers!!!! Waiting patiently for this bundle to come in the mail.

Cayenne Collini

Love this Bible study! It gets my daughter opening her Bible and truly learning from His word. She enjoys it as well, so that's awesome!

Fantastic! Not too overwhelming for kids

Not gonna lie, I kind of wish I had ordered one for me to work through with my kids.
Kids are constantly bombarded with the lies of this world through school, friends, social media, ads, etc. This book is an excellent way to install God's truth in them.
The book has so many prompts to get kids thinking, and the scripture cards are a great visual reminder of the truths they are learning.
I do love that there are two different books to chose from. Same concepts/teaching but presented differently. I definitely know my older son wouldn't want to do the same version his younger brother is doing. See photos for a comparison. 😊

I want one for myself!

We got this for my daughter for her 10th birthday and as soon as I flipped through it, I thought how I wished I'd had one when I was younger! No sooner did I think it that I realized I'd still benefit from and love to go through it now. Such a precious and rich resource for my daughter!