Sermon Notebook for Kids

There are few things sweeter than looking down the aisle on a Sunday morning and seeing your kids fully engaged with the sermon. When my kids were little, I had this vision, but to be honest it felt impossible. In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, parents are up against a lot when it comes to helping their kids stay engaged and interested in what is being taught at church.

Some kids struggle to sit still and focus. Others struggle with the vocabulary. Whatever it is, this Sermon Notebook was specifically designed to help your children focus on the sermon and get more out of what the pastor is teaching!

If you'd like a digital copy instead, please click here.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Salyer
Youth sermon notebook

I take notes in church on my phone, and my husband uses a nice journal and now tahh dahh now thanks to this great youth journal so can my oldest. It's so perfect because it's colorful (doesn't look like a black and white assignment or adult boring thing 😉) it has really to fill in sections (with titles to remind them to fill in the scripture) so he can listen in church with us and fill it in as we go - but enough space so he's not being "babied". He has to take ownership and really listen and take real notes. I love it! Fantastic. He has used it 4 weeks in a row now.

Rachel G
Sermon Journal Junior

For my 8 year old who is just becoming comfortable with writing and reading so the tallying words she hears is the perfect start! After a few weeks she is hearing and marking them before mom or dad points them out! It has helped her retain the sermon information and she initiates conversations about the sermons now!

Teresa Kohle
Love it!!

I teach confirmation and I got these to help my students with taking sermon notes and to understand the service better. I love every part of these!

Hana Pung
Great for keeping little ones engaged!

The Sermon Notebook has helped my 6 yo daughter pay more attention to what is being taught during our church services. She is listening for the key words, asking questions, and it's always fun to see what picture she drew. You need to make an adult version now! Lol

Amanda Phares
Great idea!

This really keeps them focused and gives them somewhere to write stuff down. I really enjoyed the layout of this and would like and adult version haha!

Brian Herring
Fantastic Idea the kids did great with it last Sunday

Love this idea. I do something similar as a social studies teacher with my students so why not with the most important learning opportunity they have? My 5 yr old son loved it but he doesn’t like drawing so he used star stickers but the preacher said God so much he had to stop doing that keyword 😂. Now we are excited for the older kids to give the other book a shot. If it does as good we will be recommending it to lots of parents.

David Logsdon
Good stuff

My children love their sermon notebooks. I love it as they are excited to show me what they do and as a preacher it shows me what i am communicating.


Can you make one for ADULTS too.. and 2 levels young adults.. like college or new believers then one for us older adults

Kelli Schweitzer
Great Notebook

This notebook is well-made and well-designed for older kids. I like that there are two different templates for notes so my son doesn't get bored.