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Sermon Notebook for Kids

There are few things sweeter than looking down the aisle on a Sunday morning and seeing your kids fully engaged with the sermon. When my kids were little, I had this vision, but to be honest it felt impossible. In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, parents are up against a lot when it comes to helping their kids stay engaged and interested in what is being taught at church.

Some kids struggle to sit still and focus. Others struggle with the vocabulary. Whatever it is, this Sermon Notebook was specifically designed to help your children focus on the sermon and get more out of what the pastor is teaching!

If you'd like a digital copy instead, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Love these!

I have one kid that has started using his. I love the idea and feel like it helps him to learn to pay attention to the sermon.

Ana-Lisa Liotta
Great in the Pew

I bought the youth version for myself and my teenager. It helps me write down all the important things I want to remember during the sermon. Both my husband and teenager look to me for spiritual guidance and I am thankful for this tool. I wish it was just one page per day. I do not need two pages for one sermon.

Vivian Ward
Perfect for Graduation into the Worship Service

I have been a Sunday School and Children’s Church teacher for many years. During a graduation acknowledgement and prayer for children moving out of children’s church we presented to each a certificate, a Bible and a sermon notebook. All the children started using them that very Sunday.
One appreciative mom sent a photo of her daughter’s notes.
The notebooks are very well-made with quality materials.
I’m glad my daughter, a home schooling mom, pointed them and the Not Consumed website out!

Perfect for poor focus

My 9 year old struggles incredibly hard to focus and pay attention. We have used it once, with direction from me, and it has helped SO much!

Jennifer Lewis
Kids Are Engaged and Excited

Very well done, high quality materials and tons of thought went into this. My kids are so excited and ready to engage during sermons!

Sermon Notes

This was a surprise in my kiddos Easter baskets and what an amazing opportunity it has been to help my children learn to take notes while listening to sermons in big church or in their Sunday school class. Thank you for creating such an amazing product that helps keep the Word of Life fresh in the minds of our kiddos!

Susan Buchner
Good for focus

My 11 yr old granddaughter loves it and uses it faithfully.

love this

These are such great little books to bring along to church. The smaller size is perfect for littler hands and if the tire of listening for the key words, I just add some new ones. Thank you!

I should have bought one for me too

My kids (6,8,10) had no interest in the sermon unless there were interesting powerpoint slides. I used to keep them busy with Highlights puzzle books. Now they draw pictures from the sermons and my oldest writes notes from the powerpoints. We homeschool some on Mondays and during Bible time we get to share what we wrote/drew from the lesson. Totally worth it for us!