Devotional Journal For Kids

Because growing our faith is our priority...

We know that spending time with God is how we grow spiritually, but sometimes we get hung up on the details.

My Time With God is an outline to help you study any passage in the Bible. It comes with 4 unique templates (or methods) for studying God's Word. All you need to do is pick what you will study.

Looking for the digital version you can print yourself? Grab it here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Brandi Perez
Totally worth the purchase

I loved it and the design. My daughter really loves it she likes that it has different suggestions on each page .

Deborah Ulrich

I purchased this for my daughter to use. I gave it to her and she is excited to use it along with the prayer cards to build her prayer life.

Rachel Behr
Great resource!

Currently, our 9 yr old is doing Olympians which we have at our church. However, as he gets older and is able to study God’s Word, I wanted him to have a resource that would help him be able to articulate what the scriptures spoke to him personally. I love how this journal uses a variety of methods for studying the scriptures. Excited to use this with him in the future.

Love it!

We love this devotional. It has so many prompts to help them dive deeper in their devotion. The colors are vibrant and my kids love it!

Mary Ward
Awesome Time With God

My kids love their devotional. Most mornings I don’t have to whisper in their ear “have you been able to spend quality time with God”. They have already had their time with God. What a blessing it is that they are able to learn more about their Lord and themselves. Thank you for such a wonderful layout and design! It is meeting their needs and encouraging me to spend more time reflecting on my observations as o read the Word. Blessings

Excellent Resource

I use this book with my boys. It is such an excellent resource to help with the reading of the Word. It ask the right questions without feeding them too much, lets them thing on their own. Would highly recommend.

Laurie Nettles
Worthy tool

Worthy tool to help my family learn to have quiet time with God. Easy to use and is an encouraging tool

Ashley Speer
Quiet Time

We just started this study yesterday! It was so nice to sit down with my kids and go over their new material. God’s word says to train up our children and I’m hoping this will train them into thinking about God’s word more in depth. My children are only 10 and 8 but I believe this is the perfect way to help guide them in their own relationship with Jesus! Thank you for putting this study together!

Emily S.
Great devotional guide!

My 11 and 9 year olds LOVE this journal and use it daily. They individually went through the "Developing a Quiet Time" study, and have continued in their own quiet times with this journal. It is structured enough to keep them focused, but allows for flexibility for each of their individual styles and needs. Would highly recommend!