Sermon Notebook Bundle

There are few things sweeter than looking down the aisle on a Sunday morning and seeing your kids fully engaged with the sermon. When my kids were little, I had this vision, but to be honest it felt impossible. In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, parents are up against a lot when it comes to helping their kids stay engaged and interested in what is being taught at church.

Some kids struggle to sit still and focus. Others struggle with the vocabulary. Whatever it is, the Sermon Notebook was specifically designed to help your children focus on the sermon and get more out of what the pastor is teaching!

This bundle includes 3 resources to help kids get more out of the sermon each week: the sermon notebook, books of the Bible bookmark, and gel pen set.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Krysanna Nussbaum
Amazing tool for kids

My kids bring this along every time they are sitting in service with us instead of going to kids church. They love trying to count how many times they hear a word and I love that they are paying attention!

Shannon Whaley
Love love love!!!

I absolutely love the sermon notebook! My 13yo daughter was really struggling in church. The first Sunday using this book, she filled the first 2 pages full of awesome notes!! She was paying attention and really focused! This is going to make a huge difference in her spiritual development!

Heather Powell
Great tool for children

I purchased this set for my 7 year old daughter and her 9 year old friend. The sermon notebook is a wonderful tool to help younger children learn to listen and pay attention in church. There's plenty of space for young writers, but it's also open for doodling. I'm excited to see the growth from fanciful drawings to heartfelt observations from the sermons.

Samantha LaFlam
Great help

My husband and I work the sound booth for our church, so our kids sit with us upstairs. I've found it difficult to keep them paying attention, but this really seems to help keep them on track with service. And that's important to us. We had gotten to a point where one of us was going to have to quit our ministry, but this journal has made quite a difference.

Adelynn Spiecker
I might use this

I got these for my 12 and 14 year olds.
They’re well organized and easy to use.
Great for their intended purpose.


I bought this for a gift and am so excited about giving it to this sweet girl. I love the quality and though NC takes to produce products for families, I know this will be a hit!

Jessica Brush
Warms a Mother’s Heart

My husband & I gifted the Sermon Notes to my son in celebration for his one year New Birth in Christ. He was so excited to receive this gift & he loves the gel pens that come with it. The Sermon Notes has helped him to pay attention more during the sermons, which warms a Mother’s heart.

Jamie Ledford
A Great Sunday Morning Addition

I recently purchased this set for my son (11) and was so pleased to see him eagerly and happily use it throughout the sermon on Sunday. Over lunch after the service we asked him what his thoughts about the sermon were. He pulled out his notebook and actually referred to the notes he took. This is a great product!

Tammy Pille

I purchased the sermon notebook for my 11 y/o daughter. She absolutely LOVES it!!! Said its keeps her more interested in listening to the sermons.