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Sermon Notebook Bundle

Sitting in the pew can be a struggle for little ones. Instead of giving them something to distract them, give them something to help them focus on the message and GROW in faith!

This bundle includes 3 resources to help kids get more out of the sermon each week: the sermon notebook, books of the Bible bookmark, and gel pen set.

Looking to purchase just the sermon notebook? Click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jessica Brush
Warms a Mother’s Heart

My husband & I gifted the Sermon Notes to my son in celebration for his one year New Birth in Christ. He was so excited to receive this gift & he loves the gel pens that come with it. The Sermon Notes has helped him to pay attention more during the sermons, which warms a Mother’s heart.

Jamie Ledford
A Great Sunday Morning Addition

I recently purchased this set for my son (11) and was so pleased to see him eagerly and happily use it throughout the sermon on Sunday. Over lunch after the service we asked him what his thoughts about the sermon were. He pulled out his notebook and actually referred to the notes he took. This is a great product!

Tammy Pille

I purchased the sermon notebook for my 11 y/o daughter. She absolutely LOVES it!!! Said its keeps her more interested in listening to the sermons.

Peg Warner
My daughter loves

My 12-year old loves the sermon note bundle. It helps her to really listen to the sermon and focus on the lesson. She shows me her notes and we compare our thoughts on the sermon. The design is easy for her to follow and prompts her to apply the topic to her world. Highly recommend!! This could also help adults that have trouble with focusing or struggle with note taking.

DeeDee Sanders
Granddaughter Approved

Bought this Sermon Notebook Bundle for my 10y/o granddaughter. She absolutely loves it!

Sarah Stewart
Sermon Notebook Bundle

We bought this for our son for his 11th birthday and he loves it! It’s so great for him to have at church during the sermon as it helps him organize his notes. He loves words and loves to write so this is perfect for him!

Natalie Moore
Sermon Notebook

My girls love this! As soon as I gave it to them they wrote out their testimonies and couldn't wait for Sunday! They have gone from listening to the sermon and coloring to listening and taking notes!

Tara Young
Sermon Notebook Bundle

I gave this for a Christmas gift. It has been a treasure already. She is more focused during sermons and asks about scripture references. She is very involved in listening. What a wonderful tool! Thank you so much!

Janelle R
Great product!

My daughter was so excited to get her sermon notebook! She is ten but loves to draw, so we went with the younger version. She couldn't wait to bring it to church on the first Sunday. I like that she can draw but it has other things other to help her focus on the sermon as well. Thanks for this great product!