Scripture Memory Journal

Do you need easy and fun ways to help your kids memorize Scripture?

The most valuable thing we have is God's Word! Memorizing Scripture helps us to KNOW God more and follow His commands as we resist temptation— and we have something to help you do just that:

Our Scripture Memory Journal is designed to make scripture memorization for your kids a little easier and help them have fun while doing so! In it you will find:

  • Fun activities, ideas, and techniques to memorize verses (like draw it, puzzle it, catch it, and more games!) 
  • Find Biblical connections and write down how to apply the Scripture to everyday life
  • Keep track and review memorized Scriptures to help your kids tuck God's Word away in their hearts.
  • PLUS— The Scripture Memory Journal is a perfect companion to our Scripture Memory Cards!

All these tools are designed for each specific age level to make remembering verses easy and help kids really understand and apply the Scripture to their life.

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Currently available only in ESV

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ashley S.

My daughter asks to do her scripture memory journal, she absolutely loves it! We use this as part of our homeschool curriculum and it’s been a huge hit. I love that my daughter is not only reading and memorizing the verses but also dissecting them and understanding what they actually mean. She is becoming a more fluent reader and learning new vocabulary words as well. My daughter LOVES to draw so I’m glad that she has the opportunity to draw some pictures in her journal when it asks her to show what the verses mean to her. We will def. Be purchasing the next level when she finishes this one!

So helpful

These scripture memory journals are just what we were looking for to reinforce scripture memory.

debey hancock
so helpful

This has taken the agony out if memory verses. My rmteen loves the challenges given each day. And has been able to learn scripture easily

Melissa O'Neill
Like me!

My son loves this! He feels he is studying the Word just like his mommy! That gives my joy that it will be a tool he can use in school well!!


So far we really love these. I bought one for each of my kids: 8,11 & 13 so they could work on the same verses. They are all able to complete each day on their own & I think that it’s helping them memorize the scriptures, which are not super short.

Exactly What We’ve Been Needing

We added the Bible Memory Journal to our homeschool mornings and it has truly been a game changer. My boys and I are having so much fun with it and getting a kick out of saying the Bible verses silly and they are actually memorizing the verses each week. I’m incredibly thankful for this product and so happy we made it a part of our daily routine. Such a blessing!


My 14 year old daughter has actually used this and loves it.

Tracy Dixon
I would Love this

PLEASE do this in KJV. I was ready to order but only seen it was ESV. I homeschool my son and I would really like to add this to our school.

Jessica Welling

This is an absolutely brilliant product and I can't wait to start it with my kids! It takes what can be a daunting task, memorizing long passages of scripture, and turns it into something fun and enjoyable for all ages! Nicely created product!