Scripture Memory Cards for Kids

Looking for simple ways to memorize Scripture with your kids? You're going to love this 30-card set of Scripture memory cards

Each sturdy, colorful card has the reference on one side and the Bible verse printed on the other. The 4x6-sized cards fit inside any special memory box you'd like to use or could be stored in their original box. Available in three age levels in both ESV and KJV, kids and teens will be equipped with the Word as they navigate through life's circumstances. 

Here's what's unique about our cards: 

⭐️ The set covers 30 key passages every child should know in 3 main categories: Christian living, God's character, and loving others.

⭐️ Families can study the same passages together but in manageable chunks appropriate for each developmental level from ages 4-18.

⭐️ Each level cycles back to the SAME passage, giving kids the opportunity to review, but also add more verses as they get older.

 The Primary ESV Scripture Memory Cards will be back in stock in Spring of 2022. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very helpful

We love these beautiful and sturdy cards! Great passages to memorize. I was struggling to create a list of verses on my own when I found these and they have been so perfect!

Great Scripture tool

I bought one set of these to use. I ended up buying one set for each kid in my Sabbath school class. I am using them as Scripture memory tools for the kids to memorize at their own pace. I love that I can buy the junior and teen versions for my kids as they get older and expand their Bible memory. The cards are great quality.

Molly LoGalbo
Bought for school

I bought these for homeschooling. Sturdy cards, easy to read. I'm looking forward to using them!

Dorothy Williford
Scripture Memory Cards

So grateful for the card size, its sturdiness, and easy to read large font lettering. Planning to use these with Sunday children’s church kids as well as the grands when they visit. Also, appreciate the 14 Ways to Memorize Scripture tips to mix up the learning fun!

Well made

Very sturdy and beautifully made.

Jennifer Lewis
High Quality

We purchased the most complicated cards for memory verses and plan on using them and graduating the difficulty level. The cards are made from a high quality material, are beautifully printed with lots of scripture. You can have them work on one verse and build by the end of the week having the whole card memorized and hopefully the lesson from the scripture too!

Sarah G
Good quality

These are very good quality cards and includes helpful tips on scripture memorization.

Amber Richards
Modify to youngest child

We use these to memorize scripture during our Morning Time. I read it aloud every day and have kids repeat back to me sections at a time. The youngest child doesn’t have to learn the whole thing. I bought the youth edition. Beautiful and high quality cards.

Heather Djama
Great Tool to Memorize Scripture

I got the primary pack to start but I plan to get the more advanced packs after we complete this one so that we can learn more and more Scripture. I love that we can all use these and they are great quality. Great Scripture choices too!