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Still Singing: Hymn Stories For Every Season

Still Singing is a unit study curriculum focused on hymns people have been using for hundreds of years to help them focus on God's truth and trust Him in the hardest moments.

Learn why these hymns are treasures of the Christian faith and how they can help us trust God as you study each hymn. Written as a multi-age curriculum with extension activities for 4th grade and up, Still Singing can be used for a music appreciation credit in high school.

If you'd like a digital copy, instead of the softcover, click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

I honestly have to take this away from my student, so she can finish other things that need to be done. This has some biography, some character study, some bible study, some copy work, some music theory, some activity extension ideas. My student has really been enjoying this one! The tin whistle is fine, and the sound and ease of play is also fine. It was a fun to try a new thing...But we honestly prefer to use our recorder. And this substitution has posed absolutely no issues at all. My student loves the CD and is often singing the hymns through out the day. While I would not consider this a full unit study curriculum, if you have a day with field trips, errands, appointments, illness, etc. and formal study time is limited for what ever reason, this is a resource that covers a lot of subject areas.

Mary Kay Noack
Love It!!

We just started the hymn study. My granddaughter is 5 and we are going to be doing one hymn a month. I love it and so does my granddaughter. The story behind the writer of the song really brings the song to the heart. We talk about how the writer must have felt and the faith and hope they had in God. The scripture is so helpful and spurs on more discussion. The activities in the book also are great. As we do them together and there is constant conversation about God and who else in the Bible he helped in much of the same way. How he helps us today and why we follow, serve, praise and worship him. It will take us longer than most to get through the hymn study but we both will have a wonderful journey together learning scripture and song. Worshiping and Praising our Lord. Thank You this has blessed our homeschool and our life.

Tara Vasquez
Just started and LOVE 💕

We are so grateful we found this company this year! So far we have only done two lessons, but they have been wonderful and great. I love how Bible is integrated into it & my kids are learning about music 🎶 🎼!!! It’s a wonderful and thought out curriculum and we can’t wait to do more!!

Monica George
Excellent Resource!

Absolutely love and can't wait to share with others!

Andrea Stokes
Only 3 days in but it’s their favorite subject!

I have 2 boys and 2 girls.. ages 11, 13, 16 and 17… It’s a great curriculum especially if you love the hymns!! Great activities, great videos… and they can’t put their whistles down!!

Diane Anthony
This is such a blessing!

I could not be happier with this curriculum. The songs are beautiful, the lessons are thorough but not overwhelming, and the tin whistle has such a sweet sound. I am currently using this curriculum for my almost 7 year old, and she loves it. The video lessons are easy for her to follow along, which is great for me since I have zero musical ability. I also love the workbook itself. It is spiral bound, and high quality. I had this item in my basket for days while I considered if we really "needed" this for our school year. I'm so glad I ordered it because I know it will be a great blessing to our homeschool family.

Crystal Guerra
Hymn study

We're enjoying this study and learning new things.

Jillian Juedes
Great start to the year!

We are new to Not Consumed, and we just started the study, but I am impressed thus far. I was able to plan the year using this study. There is enough content to do a page or two daily. The music theory pages have great content , and the music theory videos are thorough. I am thrilled with the hymn choices. My 9th grader is doing this as a music credit/elective as he is not much into choir, band or orchestra. It is complementary to what he has learned with piano lessons, but it is nice to learn a different type of instrument.

Cindy Kyle
My kids are loving it..

We are a musically inclined family anyway, but my son, who will be ten at the end of the week, is loving this. My son and daughter are both enjoying learning to play this little instrument.