Middle School Homeschool Planner

Are you looking for a way to help your middle schooler stay on top of their assignments and track their academic progress? 

Introducing our Middle School Homeschool Planner! Not only does this planner teach independent learning, it helps your kids learn time management and track their progress all in a simple method. In this planner, you will find:

  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly assignment checklist
  • Field trip evaluation log
  • Book/media log
  • Academic record
  • And so much more!

Help your middle schooler grow more academically independent this year by grabbing a planner today!

Measurement of middle school planner: 7" x 9.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kimberly Bill

This planner is absolutely perfect for my middle schooler. This is helping me help him to be an independent student as well as creates healthy daily habits.

Wonderful Planner

This has been a great planner for my sixth grade daughter. She is taking more ownership of her lessons and learning how to be organized etc. I love the layout, scripture and all the different aspects that are included. This is way better than her waiting for me each Monday morning to print out her weekly checklist and I am loving not having to do that as well :) It is a great size and keeps everything in one place. We love it!

Niki Kemp
Amazing planner!

Daughter love this! Has really helped her stay on track. An the goal pages are amazing. Love this will be buying again.

Mrs. Hilliker
The Middle School Student Planner

I love these planners. The age-appropriate expectations are probably our favorite section apart from all the scripture and habit tracking. The field trip evaluations are convenient. The attendance logs, reading logs, and media logs are also very useful. It is so well organized and really does become a personal keepsake of all the things through the year! We're really looking forward to filling them up this year!!!!

From us at Endless.Education WE LOVE IT!!!! IT DEFINITELY MAKES SENSE!!!

Christa P.
Worth every penny

What a gift to have a well-thought-out planner to use with my middle school boys! I'm thankful that it daily puts scripture in front of them. I love that it puts life skills like "personal care" and "quiet time" in front of them each week for them to think about how they're forming good habits. They are growing in taking more responsibility for themselves, and I feel like this planner helps to reinforce that the little good choices they make really matter! I was on the fence about buying a cheap planner on Amazon or these more expensive ones, and I'm so glad I chose the Not Consumed planners! These are helping to form skills in my boys that they will benefit from well into adulthood. Thank you, Not Consumed, for this outstanding product!

Great personal planners

I bought the generic planner from here for my girls last year and they loved them. I liked how I could write out their assignments each week and they were able to be a little more independent. They are beautifully written and the personal week goals at the bottom of the pages were such a nice touch. They held up so well. I’ve ordered the middle school ones for this school year and they are even better. You can really see the thought that goes into these planners. I love that there is scripture throughout the entire planner. Can’t wait to order one for my youngest when he needs one. Well worth the money!!


Just got these in the mail today and they are so beautiful and I cannot wait to start next year using them even though we just started summer. They have a durable cover and lots of helpful things inside. We are working toward more independence next year and these will definitely help.

A plan in place

I got this for my 7th grader who loves to know the plan. She started filling it out right away. I’m hoping it will keep her on track without forgetting any subjects.

Jennifer Lewis
Thrilled Beyond Measure

Really impressed with this planner. I was spending about $100 on a customizable one that didn't have scripture in it! I was able to get all three for less than one! The kids saw this one and chose it over the previous planners we've used and did so willingly!
It has everything they need and wanted in it! Getting started with planning right away! Comes with bookmark. Durable. Even has a section to right down self assessments so they can see what needs to be improved! They are very excited! My oldest is financial savvy and loved the price and the fact that it does everything the old one did, more compact and functional, and even had scripture and some more things we hadn't had before! She is thrilled!