Organized Homeschool Planner

Do you want an organized plan for your homeschool year?

The Organized Homeschool Planner is your secret weapon!

Whether you've been homeschooling for 15 years or 15 minutes, let me tell you the secret no one shares. There is a SIMPLE way to plan and organize your homeschool year...and it won't consume your life!

Stop wasting time writing (and erasing) daily plans. Reclaim your time and lay a foundation that will support your homeschool for the WHOLE YEAR!

The planner has been given a fresh look but the content is the same as the previous version.

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Customer Reviews

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Such a great tool!!

This covers everything!

I love how intentional this product is. Sometimes we make the mistake of filling our calendar and then complain about the results. This planner is about evaluating what has/has not worked an then having a vision about the type of school year you want to have in the future. I'm excited for the year ahead and all that God has in store for our family!!!

Get one! Its a gift for yourself 🎁

This planner was just what I needed. I had all these thoughts/ideas swirling around in my head and felt overwhelmed with where to start. These pages helped put it all in order! I didn't power through mine in 5 days, I worked through it over a couple weeks. I really enjoyed the videos for each section. It was very helpful to see Kim's finished examples from her journal. Im getting the student planners too since they flow together and will help teach the kids this same style of planning alongside me. Im really looking forward to the fresh rhythm this will give our routine. Thank you for these resources!


I have used this planner twice now. I find I love the planning pages but I forget to utilize the monthly pages. I still love the planner but wish I could have up to ten kid planning pages.


Great planner for homeschooling moms. If you get the student planner as well the system works together to help put the responsibility on the child for keeping track of their work, as well as helping you plan for up to 8 kids. Together you will have a record of all their grades and it will show their progress of life skills and mental/spiritual/interpersonal health as well. I couldn’t have said that upfront but after using it for a full year it has been an outstanding system to use.

Excellent resource!

This is a fabulous resource to help not only plan your year, but also keep your focus on why you homeschool, what type of curriculum you need for the particular season you're in, where you want your kids to grow, and so much more!

Shantiell Leisring
Love this Planner!

I have tried many planners in the past for my homeschool and this one is definitely the best! I love that it offer more than just planning out our day or year, it gets me thinking about each kid and what makes them unique and special.


First, very quick delivery! Second, I’ve been teaching for 20 years and this is the best planner I’ve ever seen! It’s a beautiful product, sturdy, and with a nice easy clean cover. Inside, the sections are easy to use, make sense, and there’s enough space to write ALL THE THINGS. Unfortunately, I have to give it to my daughter to use as she embarks on the homeschooling adventure this year. I think I need to order one for me for my class this year!

Kelli Robertson
Must Have for ALL Homeschool Moms

This planner is incredible, it really has everything!! I just completed the 5 day boot camp videos that you can access to help with this planner and it was so informative. She walks you through each section and gives great ideas to utilize this planner fully. I will be getting this planner every year and doing the bootcamp. Definitely a must for all homeschool moms. I wish I would have had this tool last year during my first year of homeschooling!!