Organized Homeschool Planner

Do you want an organized plan for your homeschool year?

The Organized Homeschool Planner is your secret weapon!

Whether you've been homeschooling for 15 years or 15 minutes, let me tell you the secret no one shares. There is a SIMPLE way to plan and organize your homeschool year...and it won't consume your life!

Stop wasting time writing (and erasing) daily plans. Reclaim your time and lay a foundation that will support your homeschool for the WHOLE YEAR!

The planner has been given a fresh look but the content is the same as the previous version.

Customer Reviews

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Loved the student planner

We got the student planner and loved it. Both my 7 and 9 year old have been able to record what they do each day as well as mark how they think they did for that week. Love that it keeps them accountable in a simple way.

Moving Forward

I am enjoying this planner this year--especially the goals for myself as well as for my kids. This has so much all in one place! It helps me keep track of the materials we have used and plan to use. I keep track of how I have seen growth in my kiddos, as well as goals for the direction I would like them to go. This journal is helping us with purpose and being intentional! Thank you!

Tia Knarr
This planner is the best!

I love how insightful this planner is when it comes to requiring to STOP PLANNING EVERY DETAIL of my curriculum! Instead, it encourages REFLECTION on how your kid(s) love and learn… in order to tailor education to be successful! Helps keep my on track with accountability as well… to track our progress!

Jeniffer Do Nascimento
Not your everyday homeschool planner

This planner changed the way I go about our homeschool year. I love the vision and goal pages. I love that there are enough of each type of page that I can personalize it for all of my children. I just love it all.

Just What I needed

I was feeling overwhelmed thinking about planning this upcoming school year, not knowing where to start. I was praying that the Lord would help me know how to organize and plan my school year better this year. Not too long after that, I ran into the Not Consumed Ministries website. I feel like it was an answer to prayer to watch through Kim's boot camp and work on planning my school year. The planner is no doubt a lot of time and effort to think and work through, but I feel it was just what I needed to jump start this school year. It gave me aspects to think about in my schooling that I had honestly never really considered before. I'm looking forward to seeing how it will make a difference in this upcoming school year.

A must!

This planner is a must have. It gives me the grounding I need before beginning a new school year. Without it, things seemed like chaos. With this planner, I am able to sort everything out all at once from each child's curriculum list and game plan down to organizing the space we plan to use and each item we need in it. I've used it 3 years now and don't plan to stop. Its focus on the vision is pivotal in planning each year. Set up exactly the way my brain works. Even if we don't stick to everything in it 100%, it gives us the foundation to not be thrown completely off track when something inevitably "comes up". Thank you, Not Consumed, for your excellent resources!
P.S. Even though I've filled it out a few times now, I still like to do it with the boot camp and love having those videos to refer back to. Thank you, Kim, for taking the time to make those and putting your heart into your resources.

Wonderful Tool

My husband and I have been filling out the vision and planning sections together, which has been amazing. I feel like we are a more united front going into the school year. This is a great resource/tool to help have an intentional and productive home school.

Awesome tool.

I love this. I have never put our vision on paper. This helped me to see our vision. Also it helps me organize everything.

Alicia G
Homeschool Planner

Amazing! This planner along with the bootcamp assisted in getting our first year of homeschool off to a successful start. Thank you so much for this amazing tool and resource.