Primary Homeschool Planner

Are you looking for a simple way to teach kids good habits and give them some "school" to do without overwhelming them with a stack of curriculum?

Our Primary Homeschool Planner is a year-long guide to make homeschooling easier. It helps you answer the question, "Is my child on the right track in their academic progress?" and gives helpful structure to your school days. This beautifully formatted planner:

  • Helps build good habits in learning
  • Allows you to assess your child's educational growth
  • Gives your child academic and life skills they will use for years to come
  • Serves as a record of your child's progress throughout the year

There are two versions of the Primary Homeschool Planner— Level 1 is for K4-K5 and Level 2 is for 1st grade. Take some of the stress out of homeschooling and set both you and your child up for success this school year!

Measurement of primary homeschool planner: 8.5" x 11"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

My baby girl so happy to get one for herself.
The planner looks so nice.

Kimberly Bill
OH MY! Awesome!

This is perfect for my first grader. She absolutely loves opening up the week and tracking for herself. I love that it has little suggestions as to what to work on that week as well as the quarterly assessments. I loved it so much I grabbed the 2nd level for my 3rd grader and it is perfect for him to keep track as well!! The best east elementary planner to help encourage independent learning habits!!


I got this for my first/2nd grader it’s the right amount for him to feel in control of checking off his list he is so excited to have that responsibility and I love how it incorporates so much into it without being overwhelming it’s just fun for them and I love how it reminds them that God comes first always


Thai is perfect for my little starting kinder this year she loves to keep up with big brother and I love how it helps me keep track of all she learned while also having her feel responsibility to doing her tasks

Jessica Waite
Great idea!!

These planners are such a simple, neat way of introducing kids to being responsible for daily tasks. I am using Level 1 with my 5 yr old, and Level 2 with my 9 and 6 1/2 yr olds. (9 yr old has special needs so this is just right for him) Looking forward to watching them grow this year using the planners!

Kimberly Rogers
Purchased level 2 for 7yr old

Although a 7yrs old might be able to use a higher level, I chose level 2 for my 7 year old as I really liked the pages where he gets to plan to document his week and goals. I do notice that reading appears in the daily habits and in the school check mark area, and my boys love to read so that is not a "problem" but they don't see "reading" as school and more like a habit. So I kind of which it only appeared up in the habits and we could name two of our own areas down in the school section. We also plan to change the "language" to "second language" some weeks as he is learning Spanish. So I just love how versatile it is as a planner overall.

Josie R Winn

We just started using this. So far we love it. This is our first year homeschooling. My son is 7 and in second grade. But I thought this was a good place to start. Not too overwhelming. I like that this planner has most things written in. I add some details and then we are good to go! We are working our way up to doing all subjects each day.

Just what I needed

This planner is perfect for my son. Good quality and nice layout.

Exactly what I was hoping for

I purchased this to use with my r year old for this upcoming school year, so that I can get her used to sitting with me for a short time each morning to ease her into schoolwork gradually over the next few years. She is always asking for her own work to do, and this planner has handy checklists that match the upper level planners to make her feel just like her older siblings. I like that there are short stories built in for introducing reading comprehension, and even some short tracing pages she can work on without it being overkill or too much busy work.