Devotional Journal For Kids

Our Devotional Journal for Kids is perfect for the child who just needs a bit of guidance when it comes to reading the Bible. It gives them the tools to read and understand any passage rather than focusing on one specific book or chapter of the Bible. In this beautifully designed journal, your child will find:

  • Four different ways to study the Bible so they can find a reading style that works for them
  • Practical study strategies to help apply God's Word in their lives
  • The freedom and flexibility to pick their own passage of Scripture to read so they can focus on parts of the Bible they're interested in

This Devotional Journal serves as a helpful tool in your child's growing faith, giving them Bible reading skills they will use for the rest of their lives!

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Nice journal

This is a Christmas present for my daughter
... she really enjoys all the other things she gets here.

Linda Thomasson
Excellent !

I have not begun to use the actual study yet. We have recently moved to a new location to be closer to family and are totally renovating our house. I am helping with the Bible lessons for my homeschooled grandchildren. When I saw the study online, I knew I wanted to use it for the girls’ study. We are currently in the middle of a different study. However, I have gone through the material for this new study. It is beautifully done and the content is great. I know the girls will love it and will especially love the stickers. I am anxious to start with it. Thank you for sharing all of your studies with us. 💕

Great for independent Bible study!

This is exactly what I was looking for - there are so many kids' devotionals out there, but I really wanted something that would guide my kids through the joyful discipline of reading and discovering God's Word on their own. Rather than reading one isolated verse and a devotional blurb, this journal simply prompts the kids to think about and respond to whatever portion of Scripture they read. The four rotating journal pages give a great variety so they're not doing the same thing every day, and I think this will really help develop their ability to study the Bible on their own. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!!


I love the different page formats everyday! Really makes devotions fun for my kids and keeps them focused! I got them some new pens with their journals. They were so excited!

Stephanie Mushonga

The devotional journal is perfect for my two tweens. I needed something to help them solidify their devotional time. The journal allows them to read anywhere in the Bible and then take their notes. The different templates keeps the process fresh.

Jennifer Lewis
Another Homerun Product

High quality, durable, fun, engaging and yet simple product that delivers more than is advertised! They get to do their own Bible study, absorb and grow using the templates for making their observations and more!

Rachel Vaughan

Very pleased with your products.

Wonderful resource

I love the four page templates, which gives variety. I love the places for reflection and prayer. This is great for kids and adults I think!

Susan Bailey
I like it!

I love that there are four different templates so that there's variety! We haven't started using them yet, but they look like they will be very helpful for my teenagers and middle schooler to use.