My God Says Life Journal

Insecurity. Fear. Anxiety. Depression.

Feelings are a very real part of life, especially for kids. Some stuff their feelings until they POP. Others transfer their feelings to anger and frustration that EXPLODES all over those around them. 

Whatever their reaction, every day our kids decide to either believe what the world tells them about themselves or what God tells them

That's why we wrote this journal!

Our My God Says collection helps kids identify their feelings and counsel those feelings with truth. Like David in the book of Psalms, we are going to have feelings! Kids just need to learn how to meet those feelings with truth instead of the lies our culture feeds them.

Exploring 15 feelings kids face, the My God Says Life Journal gives your kids the tools they need to conquer those waves of emotions and stand steadily in this world of ever-changing "truth." With 120 journal pages, this self-paced study will help kids discover the biblical truth about who they are in Christ.

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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Hough
Absolutely recommend

Beautiful study! It is organized wonderfully with so much guidance on how to navigate our emotions while learning and remembering Truth. Game changer.

Dora Dillow
Great present for my nieces and nephew

I got 4 journals for my nieces and nephew so they can work together as a family. This journal is truly a treasure. It has many guided writing and introspection activities. It is great for kids who are going to be teenagers or are in that stage to remind them who God says they truly are.

Excellent Resource

I love how my kids can work on it at their own pace, a little here and there to really build upon their identity being found in Christ! We do family devotions during the weekdays, so this journal has been a great way for them to start their Saturdays.

Looks Great!

Looking forward to using this with my boys after they finish My Brothers Keeper.

Grateful Homeschool Mom
A gift for kids AND adults

We have used Not Consumed curriculum in our home for the past 2 years. When I first saw My God Says, I was so excited to be able to teach my children early on about their identity in Christ, their worth, and value in His eyes. It has been such a gift.

But, I am especially grateful to be able to share this study with an adult friend of mine who is learning to see her beauty and worth in God's eyes. I'm praying she will find peace in Jesus through what she has discovered through this study.

Thank you for this study. It is so valuable in our world today!!

Miriam McKinstry
Love this journal!

We got the boy & girl "My God Says Life Journal" for our 11 year old twins. They are really liking this! We are learning so much and they are seeing & understanding the truth & what God says about them. I am so thrilled with these! We love the true life stories included in the journals too! Well done and definitely great studies to get for both your sons & daughters.

Wonderful journal

I bought this for my daughter to have a place to write but it is so much more. I love how intentional it is and the different sections provide so much thought provoking space. There is so much great content on each page. This is something I feel like I would like as an adult.. oh and the stickers were such a fun addition..

Jennifer Lewis
Journal is amazing, Bundle is even better!

Kids are so excited to start these journals and activities. It was packaged beautifully, high quality materials, just the right amount of activities to engage in the right Godly processes for the day without it being too time consuming. We have been very blessed with these products! Thank you! If you haven't gotten the bundle items, we highly recommend it!

Great Resource!

My son is 12 and 1/2. He is using it when he feels down. He really likes that you can use it an any time, in any order, and for however much time he has. He can just pick it up and go. From our perspective, it gives him an independent way to take control of his emotions and turn to the place where he can receive the most help-the Lord. At his age, that is really great because he doesn’t always have the words to share with us how he feels. He said it had really helped him. Thanks for a great product.