My God Says Life Journal

Insecurity. Fear. Anxiety. Depression.

Feelings are a very real part of life, especially for kids. Some stuff their feelings until they POP. Others transfer their feelings to anger and frustration that EXPLODES all over those around them. 

Whatever their reaction, every day our kids decide to either believe what the world tells them about themselves or what God tells them

That's why we wrote this journal!

Our My God Says collection helps kids identify their feelings and counsel those feelings with truth. Like David in the book of Psalms, we are going to have feelings! Kids just need to learn how to meet those feelings with truth instead of the lies our culture feeds them.

Exploring 15 feelings kids face, the My God Says Life Journal gives your kids the tools they need to conquer those waves of emotions and stand steadily in this world of ever-changing "truth." With 120 journal pages, this self-paced study will help kids discover the biblical truth about who they are in Christ.

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Customer Reviews

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This is wonderful! My 11 year old daughter is really enjoying this, and I pray she holds what she is learning close to her heart! Such a great resource for tweens and teens!

Great resource!

All my children and I love this book! I love how it teaches them who they are in Christ and to not look toward the world for their identity. It’s so needed to teach children who are in an impressionable stage. My kids love going through it and learning who God made them to be.

Great tool for tweens!

I got this for my 10 yo daughter to use over the summer. I love that it is geared for her to do on her own. Even better though are the conversations we have had stemming from her time in the Word. It has really given us some fruitful time together discussing topics I never would have been able to bring up on my own. Definitely a win for us both!

Such a great resource

My kids will occasionally struggle with seeing themselves in a positive light. This resource has been an amazing opportunity for my kids to dive into who they are as a child of God!

Easily 5 stars

I bought this for my step-daughters 15th birthday, but in the meantime gifted it to another teen in our church whose mother just found out she has cancer (and she prefers coloring and drawing to ‘journaling,’ and this book beautifully combines all of that!!). Her parents told me they have caught her using it ;-) I will buy more before my daughter’s birthday, enough to give to her friends for their birthdays. I know most of them ‘regular’ journal, as did I as a teen, but seem to struggle to engage with spiritual conversions outside of structured youth group. This is God-focused while carefully engaging emotions, helpful for teens learning to do devotions on their own. I am curious about the one for guys, I think my 10 year old step son may find it helpful in learning devotions time as well. Heck, I am tempted to buy one for myself too!!


My oldest two daughters love this SO much! The layout is perfect and they’ve been sitting and doing these together. I plan to buy for my nieces. Thank you!

Great product

Great journal for kids to work thru at their pace and encourage them.

Tiffany Hough
Absolutely recommend

Beautiful study! It is organized wonderfully with so much guidance on how to navigate our emotions while learning and remembering Truth. Game changer.

Dora Dillow
Great present for my nieces and nephew

I got 4 journals for my nieces and nephew so they can work together as a family. This journal is truly a treasure. It has many guided writing and introspection activities. It is great for kids who are going to be teenagers or are in that stage to remind them who God says they truly are.