Kids' Devotional Bundle

Want to help your kids GROW in faith?

An effective quiet time is one of the most crucial skills we can develop as Christians because we know God reveals Himself to us through His Word. Making time with Him a priority in our lives is our delight, our privilege, and our lifeline!

But few people ever learn HOW to have a quiet time. 

The perfect gift, this bundle will equip and train kids and teens to GROW deeper with Christ through a devotional time. Plus, you'll love the HUGE savings of the bundle price of these 5 unique items.

Customer Reviews

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I bought this for my son’s 7th birthday in a couple weeks and there are parts of this I love for him! The stickers and pens and magnetic book marks. I wonder if it’s a little mature for him color wise. I bought another quiet time kit from another company and that has different things and I like different things from both and will probably mash them together for a customize kit. Overall though love everything that came in it for price and will use it all!!

Love, love, love this!

I took the advice of starting with the Obey Bible study as our first one. My kiddos (6 using primary, 8 using junior) absolutely LOVED it! I thought it was mostly due to the newness and it would wear off, and then it would be another thing added to our "school" day as we homeschool. Amazingly, we are now on day 18 of 20 and they STILL love it and are begging me to order the next one soon so we don't have to take a break! I am so happy that I found this, and I can't wait to start the next study.

Sarah Bennett
Time With God

This journal set is so good for bringing your kids to spend time with God. All we can do is show them our relationship with God and pray for them to find theirs. The journal facilitates the habit to practice until it is a natural part of their lives. We are still working on ours.

Amanda Vogler
Helpful Study

This study is helping me learn how to have quite time with God.

Excellent resource

I purchased this for my 9 year old daughter, at her request. She loves the pens especially. I am impressed with how the study is set up and the quality of the products. She did get frustrated because her current Bible version is the NIRV, and the questions do not align with that version easily, so I had to pull out my ESV for her. That said, this product is exceptional and the customer service is second-to-none. I have since purchased other studies as a result of how impressed I was with this study. Even this mama learned things, and I've been a believer with a consistent quiet time for many years. I would highly recommend this, but would caution against building it into the homeschool day as an "assignment," as my initial attempt to do that was counterproductive, making it more like "school work" than relationship building with God. It would be better done outside the school day, at least in our experience. Again, though, that is not any reflection on the product; rather, I'm mentioning it in case it helps another mama planning to use this with her kiddo. A truly great product.

Crystal Guerra
First quiet time

My 10 year old is able to do the study with minimal help. He and I are really enjoying it. He loves the pens!

Amanda Phares
I love this!

There aren't even words for how much I love this!! Thank you so much it has helped me help my kiddos and myself!

Megan Kleinedler
Awesome tool

Love love love

Amber Wright

We challenged our 10 year old son to do this and he loves it. And loves that he can do it on his oun. Has been doing it by himself without us asking him. And said he would recommend it. We got the kit cuz it was a present. I would suggest the books of Bible bookmark be laminated.