To Every Nation 2

You'll love this homeschool history curriculum that gives you a personal view of God's goodness through the lives of 12 heroes of the faith.

Your family will see firsthand how to trust God even in the most difficult of circumstances as you journey with these missionaries around the world and learn history, language arts, geography, and more!

NOTE: You don't need to do Volume 1 before you do Volume 2!

If you'd like a digital copy, instead of the softcover, please click here.

Customer Reviews

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amanda burkett
well organized

We have completed the first volume--just ordered this one. We did order the book set this time, but last volume we used other biographies we already owned and/or did research about the person being studied. I love that it was flexible in that you don't "need" particular add alongs. But also appreciate the quality and convenience of the Heroes set.

Tia Knarr
Very rewarding study!

My two (9 and 11 years) and I are thoroughly enjoying this! We’ve just completed our first study, including reading aloud the first book. We enjoyed the content of the workbook, adding geography and history studies to our morning! The suggested pacing outline was very helpful! I also appreciate the value of applying the missionary’s life experiences to our own lives…challenging us to also step out in faith!

Harvest Moormann
Loving it!

My 3 kids and I are working through this series this year as part of our homeschooling adventures. We are loving the books and the study guide. I am so impressed with the fact that all 3 of my kids can work through it at the same time, and they all are enjoying it.
Thank you!

Great Resource!

To Every Nation is an incredible resource for our family! We are currently using this for our history/geography/culture curriculum and we are loving it!!

Megan Boock
Great book

Well laid out, simple, colorful, love the included character qualities

Alicia S
Can't wait to try it

We used the To Every Nation book last year as part of our language arts curriculum. Looking forward to diving into book 2 this fall.

To Every Nation set 2

I have not heard of all these missionaries and their stories. So inspiring!

Marciea Pinder
Too Eurocentric and not diverse

This is clearly a well laid out study of people in history that teach good character traits. On the surface this is a great idea to approach history this way. The problem is there seems to be only white people that have been included and there isn't one non white person included. And because of that I could never use this to teach my very brown children. Every child must see themselves in what they learn and when you have a program like this that has at least 12 people and all are white it teaches my kids that only white people are good moral character. And frankly I thunk the author can do better than this. There are way too many brown and black people throughout history that could have been included so this is lazy to me. It's too eurocentric and if it ever becomes inclusive I may revisit purchasing.

Bethany Russell
Amazing, convicting, INSPIRING

This is such a fantastic curriculum. I think that this is one of the best homeschool resources in my home because the primary goal is to teach the heart of Jesus. I’m so doing, reading, writing, geography, historical, artistic and research skills are being utilized.
If these ever go out of stock I will literally beg Kim to print more. I want to use this product for every one of my 7 children.
This would also be fantastic to use in a Sunday school or Co-op setting.