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To Every Nation

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To Every Nation

Have you ever walked 100 miles through the mountains of China to save orphans during the war? How about lain in bed for 80 days in the African jungle praying for healing so you can share the gospel with unreached people? Or... when was the last time you sat down at the breakfast table with absolutely nothing to eat, praying in full confidence that God would provide that very need?

I'm sure you haven't. But you HAVE been through hard things. Although these events seem extreme, they are all true stories of missionaries around the world. Through the study of their lives, we can grow in our own faith and experience God in ways we can only imagine.

In addition to deep biblical truth, you'll also find practical life application, history, reading skills, and even penmanship. To Every Nation provides all of this in one unique homeschool history curriculum!

What's Included

From perseverance to compassion, To Every Nation is a 36-week study of real missionaries and their walk with God through the struggles of life. Through the study of the biographies of these precious warriors, your family will grasp the depth of God's provision, deepen their faith, understand suffering, and become equipped to walk through life's trials.

Each lesson includes:

  • the story of one of twelve missionaries
  • a biography notebooking page
  • a geography page
  • a brief Bible study on a character trait exhibited by the missionary
  • "on mission" assignments
  • copywork in both ESV and KJV

Each missionary is studied in depth for three weeks, including lesson plans.

Please note: the softcover history pack includes all 12 of the Christian Heroes Then and Now novels plus a softcover copy of the study. These are not a requirement to complete the study. However, they are one of our favorite options for reading about the lives of missionaries, and we are offering them at a huge discount if bought as a set. (Retail price is $145 for the set.)

Character traits covered are as follows:

Hudson Taylor - Endurance

Gladys Aylward - Virtue

Eric Liddell - Honor

Corrie ten Boom - Forgiveness

George Mueller - Faith

Nate Saint - Sacrifice

Elisabeth Elliot - Focus

David Livingstone - Perseverance

Mary Slessor - Service

Amy Carmichael - Compassion

William Carey - Patience

Adoniram Judson - Contentment

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