My Brother's Keeper Sibling Bible Study

My Brother's Keeper is a 4-week in-depth Bible study on the subject of sibling relationships. We will explore the stories of 10 different siblings from the Bible, some with beautiful stories and some with ugly ones.

Through the stories of these siblings and the pages of Scripture, your children will learn God's true purpose for siblings and families, the issues that siblings face, the responsibilities that they have as siblings, and practical tools for resolving the inevitable conflicts.  

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Stephens
Love it !

Love the way it is bringing my children together as they work alongside to look up scripture and learn the stories. My children are known to bicker, so they relate to needing this study.

Rachel Brunk
Very thoughtful

My 4, 7, 9, and 12 year old were all able to engage and relate to this Bible study… what a blessing! Very practical and relatable, we had some very good discussions together. Thank you!

Nicol Meyer
Loving this study for my three older boys!

I got this study for my 14, 12 and 8 year old boys. We just started it this week, and it’s going to be just what we need right now. As a homeschooling family my kids are with each other all the time, and I think this study is going to help them have more patience and understanding for each other.

Jackie Walker

My kids have never been so excited to study the Bible together! It’s amazing to see them crave God’s Word and it makes our days go smoother because we are all in God’s Word. I will definitely order more.

We're really enjoying this study

My 7 year old daughter and I are going through this together. I love that it's something she looks forward to and laments if we miss a week. The Scriptures and the topics open up conversations that are so relatable and reinforce truth. I wasn't sure if this would work for us, but it definitely does!

Great for personal study growth

While my boys still bicker, they have grown in their own study ability after completing this book. I look forward to working thru several other of the studies with them!

Very pleased

I recently discovered Not Consumed and have purchased 5 total studies for my family of 5. We love doing these in the evening together. My sons are 8, and I struggled with getting them the primary or junior books. Ultimately, I decided to get them the primary and give them the choice to write sentences or draw pictures. My daughter is 6 so I like having them work on the same types of books. I plan on coming back to this study again in a year or two, and I’ll buy them the older books next time.

Laura Devenney

I thoroughly enjoyed this study as a parent. I found it to be simple and engaging on all levels. We truly enjoyed our time spent together diving deeper into His word and growing in Him.

Love it!

My kids and I love these programs! My kids range from 8-14 in age. Thank you for working so hard to help our families have some spiritual enlightenment in their lives!