Becoming a Servant Bible Study

Becoming a Servant Bible Study

Does it take several repetitions of "Pick up your toys" to get your kids to clean up? Or is there fighting all over your house because everyone wants their own way and no one wants to take turns? Maybe your kids will do chores when asked but don't take initiative if left unprompted. If any of those sound familiar to you, there may be a lack of servant-heartedness in your home!

Jesus calls us to put others above ourselves and to work hard with what we've been given. In our Becoming a Servant Bible study, we learn how selfish we really are as fallen humans. We look at Jesus' example of servant leadership, what spiritual gifts are, and how to use those gifts to serve others. We pray that after completing this Bible study on serving, you and your children will be motivated and empowered to use your gifts for God's glory and place the needs of others before your own!

This study is part of our Relationship Series, designed to teach your kids Biblical principles for developing and strengthening Christian relationships. Learn more HERE.


Customer Reviews

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Danae Birky
It's Great!

I'm doing this for our Bible in Homeschool. It's a great tone setter and has books for all 4 levels in my house. I also love having a book to work too!

Kids enjoyed it.

I tried this with my 5 and 3 year olds and my son loved it. Ive noticed that he responds much more quickly to request since we started this. My daughter (5) still doesn't like chores (who does?) But I'm trying to instil that this is simply daily maintenance of the home that God has provided. They love the stickers. The challenge cards were a good addition to help implement. We even tried some role play so they could see it in action. Overall it was a good first try for us. Now to work on my 18mo.

Loved this

We're very involved at church and the lives of those around us and this was so good to work through with my kids so that they too desire to do ministry and love others alongside us.


Wow had no idea the study came with challenge cards, stickers and a bookmark. Can’t wait to get started. So precious.

Ashley S.

We are loving these new family style Bible studies! It’s such a great way to get everybody together and helps the little ones feel involved! The workbooks are perfect, they are thought provoking and not too overwhelming! My kids want to continue working in them even when Bible study is over. Also I love the new size of the books, they are easy to take to the library, outside, or wherever we decide to study for the day!

Cute but vital!

I got the preschool level and it is so adorable! Very engaging for our Littles while teaching an important lesson about serving the Lord and others.

Digestible lessons across the age levels

I have the pre-K, primary, and parent guide for this series. I love reading them to my children and discussing the questions provided. The parent guide helps me lead discussions but more importantly, it helps me learn as well! I’ve recently returned to my faith and trying to figure out where to start can be overwhelming. These guides/lessons are just as much for me as my kids. It helps me feel accomplished and understand my faith better.

Serving in our home

This is our second NC Bible study, and I so enjoy each morning coming together as a family to share the Bible. This Bible study allows us all to work together at the same time, on the same study at different age appropriate levels. I have so enjoyed seeing my two kids grow in the Word of the Lord as each week we learned how we could serve each other and our community and glorify God.

Dora Dillow
I wish I had these studies when I was little

Sometimes as a parent, you know what you want your kids to learn. You have a vision for their lives, but the hard part is how to teach them and lead them closer to our vision. I like Kim's studies, and this one is important. It helps your child to think about serving others as this is something that will impact his adult life. As a parent, I know that following these studies will give me a guide to engage in conversations and learning moments with my kid. If you plant the seed of servitude, your child might be more open to God's leading in his life, and be more confident in his ministry in the future. It has 20 lessons and is a beautiful theme about a cute family of mice.