Becoming a Servant Bible Study

Do you want to be great? We all do. Our culture says to be great, you must be important, wealthy, and popular. But the Bible says something completely different. 

Jesus said if you want to be great, learn to serve others. Wait, what? Serving is the exact opposite of what we think of when it comes to greatness, yet God has a way of turning our upside-down thinking into something beautiful.

Instead of teaching our kids to seek worldly greatness, Becoming a Servant will help us learn and experience the incredible blessing of serving others. 

In this 20-lesson Bible study for kids, teens, and families, you'll learn:

  • The truth about serving
  • How to have a servant's heart
  • How you are gifted to serve
  • 7 qualities of a servant-hearted Christian
  • Practical ways to serve at home, church, work/school
  • How to serve when it's hard

Move over Cinderella, God has a better way and it's something to be excited about!

Customer Reviews

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Great study!

We have never been disappointed by any of the Not Consumed studies. Becoming a Servant was no exception....what a blessing it has been to me and my two 14 year old girls. Highly recommend!


This study is awesome. Love the younger age range on this study. It is perfect for my 3 year old and 6 year old!

Cassidy Bjerken
Becoming a Servant

We started this Bible study with my 9 year old son, and I have seen a noticeable difference in his attitude and actions. I sent it to his dad's house for them to do with him, and his step-mom messaged me that this is a really good Bible study. I so appreciate the depth of material and the practical steps for kids (and parents) to think about during the day.
We have been seeing some sour, selfish attitudes sprouting up in my son, and this is definitely helping us correct those attitudes. I LOVE your products!
Thank you for this Bible Study!

Linda Torres
We are loving it

We are excited for this study. Every morning my girls are excited to dive in. It’s been a great way for us to study Gods Word together.

Elizabeth Hitzfeld
Blessed by these materials

I have 3 girls (7,9, & 11). The four of us are doing this study, and it's been so good. My middle daughter has blossomed at the opportunity to go off and read the Bible on her own and then come back and share with us. It's not that she wasn't able to read her Bible before, but rather she feels she has a better direction. She is understanding the material as well. We all are understanding the material. Not Consumed has done a lovely job at creating the different levels of the same study so that multiple ages can come together to discuss these topics. I am loving watching my girls as they tackle their "secret" Challenge cards (they like to try to keep what they need to do a secret from me or their sisters as they learn to serve one another).

Love this new devo!!

We have completed almost ALL of the #Not Consumed devotionals and my boys continue to love them! We ordered these to fill in the gap until we start Mercies at the Manger devo for December. I absolutely love the set up of these devotionals. They prompt the kiddos to search the Scriptures for themselves, and they make them apply them to their lives. We love, love, love #Not Consumed!!! Thank you for pointing my kids closer to Christ, and giving me the tools to come alongside them in their Bible studies!!

Jennifer Lewis
Excited and bound to be effective!

We're so excited to start this study as I think it will help everyone to think about others first and put it into actionable steps. Can't wait! Always thrilled with any products from here!

Jennifer Lewis

We're so excited to start this study as I think it will help everyone to think about others first and put it into actionable steps. Can't wait! Always thrilled with any products from here!

Beautiful study

This study is extremely nice and the illustrations are beautiful. I love the different designs. I cannot wait to get started with my granddaughter on this study. Keep them coming.