Navigating Friendships Bible Study

Life is a lot like a long journey on a ship. Some days are sunny and pleasant. Other days are rainy and dreary. And sometimes there are days when the howling wind and crashing waves are bigger than we can handle on our own. That's why God gave us friends!

In this 4-week Bible study, discover God's perfect plan for friendship, how to make friends, how to be a good friend, and how to pick a good friend. Friendship is a beautiful gift, and you can learn to navigate it well! 

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Watson
Love these Bible Studies!

We have done 5 of Not Consumed Bible studies and we have enjoyed them as a family with 5 boys (ages 1-9) and one girl (age 13).

Rachel Yoder
So helpful!!

I chose this study after my 7 year old daughter began having friendship issues at church. This study has been wonderful in helping my daughter know how to handle the unkindness of friends, the movement of friends from the inner to outer circle and how to BE the friend that God wants HER to be through it all. It has reminded me of the treasure I have in my inner and outer circle of friends. I love how it teaches that even Jesus is our friend but with the highest of authority. This study does a great job of teaching people of all ages how to be a true friend! Thanks for challenging us as we navigate through life and relationships!

Sarah Gamlieli
Great Family Study!

I am thoroughly pleased with how well this study has gone for my children 5-17. I love how it’s customized by age group and how the parent guide is a Bible study for me as well. Friendship was an important topic we wanted to tackle. Having a study that puts Jesus first is absolutely wonderful.

Meg B
Great conversation-starter

This was a great opportunity for our family to get into the Word together and talk about how to seek out and manage friendships in a Biblical way. I appreciated the discussion on inner vs. outer circle of friends and setting boundaries. We are thankful for this ministry!

Dora Dillow
An excellent voyage into the sea of friendship

I love how Kim finds a theme or topic and relates it well with the subject at hand. In this case, this book is a beautiful journey into what friendship is and is not and uses the allegory of a ship. It has 20 lessons from God as your Captain, the First Mates (the parents, I appreciate this lesson), the second in command (siblings or cousins), and shipmates (friends) as inner circle and outer circle. It goes deep into what it means to be a biblical friend for someone else, and what it looks to have biblical friends in a very practical way. At the end, she writes a simple beautiful diagram with all the truths your kid learns for a quick read and review for the future.

Rebecca Coon
Loving these studies!

My 11 year old daughter is enjoying the Not Consumed Studies so much and I can see fruit in her life. Every morning she wakes up and heads straight to her comfy spot to complete her study and pray. I'm so grateful for the way these studies have gotten her leaning in and drawing near to The Father.

Loved this study!

Our family loved this study. I enjoyed it so much that I will be teaching it at our local Christian Co-Op this session. Thank you for making these!

Good study

This is a great way to help kids understand what it means to be a good friend in the way God intends for us.


I’m so excited about this study for my 12 year old. Her friend picker has been a little off, and it is my prayer that this beautifully written Bible study will remind her of the importance of wise friendships. Kim and the Not Consumed team did such a great job showing the right types of friendships w/ Jesus, Parents, Siblings and wise friends!