Navigating Friendships Bible Study

Navigating Friendships Bible Study

New 2023 Redesign!

Do your kids have friends who will support them through life's storms? Or do they have friendships that are superficial and downright unhelpful?

Our 4-week Navigating Friendships Bible Study is here to help your student understand the purpose of friendships in their lives. In this study, your kids will:

  • Look at what the Bible has to say about friendship
  • Understand the importance of deep, godly friendships
  • Learn how to pick friends who will be good influences
  • Categorize and prioritize friends to spend the most time with and the relationships that are most important
  • Learn how to be a godly friend and show God's love to others

Help your kids build lasting, meaningful friendships based on truth by studying the Bible in this handy study!

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This study is part of our Relationship Series, designed to teach your kids Biblical principles for developing and strengthening Christian relationships. Learn more HERE.


Customer Reviews

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Navigating Friendships Bible Study

This is the second study we’ve done from Not consumed; yet another great study filled with scripture that we enjoyed with our oldest kiddo who is discerning between friendships and how to be a friend himself.

So timely

This is perfect for kids preparing to head off to school. It can be so daunting and this was so good to work through with my young elementary school kid. loved it!

Sarah C
Great Study so far!

My daughters and I are doing this study and so far we are enjoying it. I like the discussions I have with my girls. It’s very important topic at any age but my girls are entering teen and tween age so I feel this study builds a good foundation to build on.

Anita Endres
Great studies

My gr'daughter loves these studies . They are very pertinent to her life as a 14yo. Tha ks!

Very Timely

My 4th grader has had a difficult year navigating friendships. I'm excited to work through this study with her this summer to gear up for next school year.

Such a needed study

I love the concept of "navigating" friendships. I wish I had a study like this when I was a kid.


Could use more bible based but still a great study in itself

Lauren Watson
Love these Bible Studies!

We have done 5 of Not Consumed Bible studies and we have enjoyed them as a family with 5 boys (ages 1-9) and one girl (age 13).

Rachel Yoder
So helpful!!

I chose this study after my 7 year old daughter began having friendship issues at church. This study has been wonderful in helping my daughter know how to handle the unkindness of friends, the movement of friends from the inner to outer circle and how to BE the friend that God wants HER to be through it all. It has reminded me of the treasure I have in my inner and outer circle of friends. I love how it teaches that even Jesus is our friend but with the highest of authority. This study does a great job of teaching people of all ages how to be a true friend! Thanks for challenging us as we navigate through life and relationships!