Obey Bible Study for Kids

Teach your kids the importance of obedience by laying the right foundation: God's Word. Obey is a 4-week Bible study for kids ages 4+ focused on getting to the heart of the matter. 

Journey through Scripture and learn about people who struggled with obedience in this kid's Bible study that includes HOW, WHY, and WHEN we should obey. Children will be challenged to seek answers in the Bible for the number one issue in their lives: obedience. 

Customer Reviews

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Loving it!

We are loving this study. The boys and I do our study at night before bed, then we talk about it together in the morning at breakfast. This is our first family study, and I love that it has different levels of study for my 6 year old, 9 year old and myself.


The quality of these studies are amazing and so easy to follow. I will be completing every single one with my family! For the first time, my kiddo is excited about Bible time and doesn’t let me forget!

Sarah Gamlieli
Great Study

Obedience is one of the most focused on habits in our home. I was very impressed with this study and it’s contents. This was my middle child’s first time using the junior, rather than the primary. I was impressed with how well the study transitioned for his inquisitive age.

Silvia Castillo
Love it!

My six and nine year old love this study. We sit together during breakfast time to read over it, and then during our homeschool, they work on their journal part of it. The growth and desire to know more amazes me. We love these studies, and will continue to incorporate into our homeschool.

Andrea Jialanella
My kids really enjoyed this!

I love the levels and the layout. So good for the kids, and my daughters both loved doing it!

Brooke Markovich
Love these studies!

We’ve now bought 4 kid’s Bible studies and go through them as devotionals every morning. We absolutely love them! It’s so well written and done for young ones to understand. Even my 3 year old says “obey right away, obey completely, obey without question, obey joyfully” on his own and seems to grasp the info my husband goes over with them from the study. We will continue to get these studies and then repeat them over again! Highly recommend & I tell everyone about them.

Dora Dillow
introduction to character disciplines for kids

I have a very strong willed 5 year old boy. He questions everything I say and ask of him. I hope that introducing studies about good character and morals like this one will help him start to understand their importance. This study has 20 lessons that are simple, short and great for his attention span. The book comes with Bible verses to learn, stickers and a nice bookmark that summarizes all the important lessons.

Alicia Macdonald

So thankful for this amazing company!! These Bible studies have been such a blessing to me and my young daughters (6, 4 and 2). They’re so perfect for teaching our children about God in a way that they can understand. Looking forward to buying more.

So good!

This was the first study that we did through Not Consumed, and we were sold. EXCELLENT! This is of primary importance for not only kids, but for their whole lives.