Making Peace Bible Study

Making Peace Bible Study

In a world where everyone has different opinions and values, conflict is inevitable. And anyone with kids knows that conflict is a guarantee in their house. It's impossible for us to hide from conflict in our everyday lives, so what should we do about it?

Making Peace is a 20-day Bible study designed for kids and families to teach biblical conflict resolution and understand the value and importance of being a peacemaker. Whether it's siblings bickering, petty fights between friends, or someone being unkind to your child, this study will give your kids the ability to:

  • Look at Scripture to learn how to handle conflict.
  • Let go of bitterness and anger.
  • Be shown the value and importance of being a peacemaker.
  • Pursue godly resolution and reconciliation!

This Bible study is available in 5 age levels from Pre-K to parent and is meant to be done individually and then discussed together. (More on our family Bible study model here.)

This study is part of our Relationship Series, designed to teach your kids Biblical principles for developing and strengthening Christian relationships. Learn more HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Gamlieli
Blessed Are The Peacemakers

After finishing My Brother’s Keeper and Navigating Friendships, this was a great study to plug in to. I love seeing the fruit in my children after just a few days.

Kimberly Rogers
Practical and Helpful for the whole familly

Although we already did the Brother's Keeper study and really enjoy it, this making peace study seems to be making a bigger tangible impact. Maybe layering it on top of/after the brother's keeper is helping by boys apply these ideas more the second time. The two studies are distinct and both beautiful but I love how this one is helping the boys think through what it looks like to live like a peace maker. We say a lot now that Conflict Will Happen, but how we respond to the conflict is the key.

Handling Conflict Biblically

We learned so much from doing this Bible study as a family! We learned how God wants us to view conflict and how to handle it in a healthy and Biblical way. This Bible study even helped our teens resolve some conflict they had been having with their cousins for years! Highly recommend!

Meg B
One of My Favorite Bible Studies

We've ordered several Bible Studies from Not Consumed and this one has made it into my top 3 favorites (along with Keep Thy Heart and Work). Our house feels like a war zone more often than I'd like to admit and I really do feel like this particular study gave us more tools to work with. I feel better equipped as a parent to handle sibling rivalries and parenting stress. While we have a long road ahead of us, I feel more confident and hopeful. I would even say that this took us farther than My Brother's Keeper in terms of sibling conflict. This is one that I'll want to keep referring back to on stressful days. Thanks!

Another Winner

I haven't met a Not Consumed bible study we haven't liked. I've only flipped through this one in all levels. My four children and I will use this study over the summer to build our conflict resolution skills the biblical way!

Making Peace

My kids, my husband and I really enjoy this bible lesson! Very deep thoughts! Thank you for your efforts in your ministry!

Such a needed study

This is such a needed and powerful topic. Thank you!

Love it!

All my kids loved it, when my preschooler sees someone fighting he will tell them "you have to be a peacemaker!"
Thank you for such a great resource for our families!

Excellent lesson!

I got the pre-k and parent versions of this lesson and I can tell these will be an excellent tool set for helping my son and I keep peace during our day-to-day activities as he exercises his emerging independence! Very appropriately written for his age.