Foundations Series Bundle

Want to help your family build a foundation to GROW their faith?
In this bundle you will receive the entire Foundations Series:

In addition to these amazing studies, we also have included some fun bonus items beautifully designed specifically for this collection:
  • 5 Waterproof Vinyl Stickers (perfect for things like laptops or water bottles)
  • Set of 3 Pens
  • Sensory Fidget Pop-it Toy
This bundle gives you and your family the resources to be anchored in a solid foundation of knowledge and relationship with God, as well as fun, tangible elements that make it easy to share your faith everywhere you go!


*NOTE: The box and bonus items are not included with the Parent Guide set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Foundations Bundle

So far my son is loving this Bible study. He is working through it independently and learning a lot already. He says it’s easy and interactive which is what keeps him coming back to the word every day. Thank you for the beautiful resources.

Muranda Depew

I use this series on Wednesday Nights. I am the Children's Ministry Dir at Crosspointe Baptist Church. I started using this curriculum each Wednesday Night to lead our Worship time. It is WONDERFUL!!!!

Susan R
Part of our homeschool

We love these Bible studies. I use them along with Bible reading in our homeschool. The kids (9 and 11) really love them, and it helps their understanding. Everyone really liked the pens and stickers too.

Cassidy Bjerken

I LOVE the boxed set! The fun pens have grabbed my son's attention, and we are loving the Old Testament study. This is a great way to teach overviews of each book and keep him engaged. The information about each book is in-depth and so helpful! I love that the information isn't brought down, and my son and I have had such good conversations so far!
Thank you! Great materials, and he loves the pop-it too!

Great Series!

Purchased this for our 4 year old- he loves it. Does a good job of capturing his attention, and he is thrilled that he gets to have his own book. The stickers make the experience- if it were up to my son, there would be stickers everyday. Just what we were looking for - will continue to buy these as he grows up.

A. Garritson
Helpful tool to learn the true accounts of the Bible

The entire set is beautiful; it helps us understand the accounts of the Word of Truth, Bible. The pens write nicely and the stickers made our children excited, even me. The popit helps especially the younger ones.

What a beautiful blessing to have this set for my son's and I to do together!!

I'm really excited - this is Old and New Testaments of the Bible!! We really enjoy learning all we can about God and ourselves, and these daily lessons are the easiest way to learn without burn out or over loads!!! The stickers and pens are beautiful and fun!! My children enjoy the fidget toy while I read to them!! This is a great curriculum to have!!! We enjoy always ending our daily lessons with a prayer about what we have learned for the day!!

Dora Dillow
Amazing study of all the bible and Who God is

I was looking for a Bible Study that was simple enough for my kindergarten but complete enough to cover the Bible, not just some stories here and there. This series goes over all the books of the Bible (old and new testament) in a very fun and short way for young kids. I got the primary level, and I appreciate the weekly challenges for the kids as well as the book stickers that they can use after they go over each book. The lessons are between 20 and 30 days each and they go over 1 book a day. You can do one book a day and take 1 month or take longer to explore each book of the Bible.
I also LOVE the other 3 studies as they are truly beautiful and help your kid be anchored in who God is (Immesurable Treasure), what is salvation and what that means in your life (Rock of Salvation), and how incredible is God's love for us (Strong Roots). The package came with a pop up, pens and postcards. I like the attention to details from this company. If you teach 1 lesson a day, these 3 studies will take you 6 or 7 months. So, you have a full set of Christian/Bible curriculum for the year at a great price! I will be purchasing ALL the kids Bible studies this company releases in the future.