Strong Roots: A Bible Study on God's Love


Strong Roots: A Bible Study on God's Love

Do you find your kids struggle with needing the approval of others? Worrying what their friends think of them and fearing rejection if they don't measure up?

Without an understanding of God's love, we all can feel insecure, discontent, selfish, or shaky when hard times come. It's impossible to find real, steadfast love apart from God, and everyone has a choice to either depend on God's love, or look for security and satisfaction somewhere else.

Strong Roots is a study that defines what God's love is, and explains how His love meets our every need, through the easy times and the hard ones. It shows how only God's love is where we can find stability, security, and acceptance, and how every desire is fulfilled in Him.

It's time to live in the truth of God's love in your life! 

This Bible study is available in 5 age levels from pre-k through parent and is meant to be done individually, then discussed together. (More on our family Bible study model here) 

This study is part of our Foundations Series, designed to help your family build a solid foundation of knowledge and relationship with God. Learn more HERE.

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    This study is a Christmas present for the kids. This study will be perfect for our grandkids.

    I plan to order the whole set!

    My boys have loved doing this study! They are 4&2 and they ask to do it every night. They love the stickers and it opens up great conversations! I’m glad I bought it!

    Amanda Johnson
    Strong Roots Bible Study

    My daughter loved this study!! She is learning and she is able to do it mostly on her own. She is 10. We recently order the whole foundation package because she like it so much!!

    Perfect introduction to Bible study

    This study is the perfect way to introduce my 2 and 3 year old kids to God's character and how to love like God. The pre-k version is so nicely done and very engaging.

    Nancy M.
    Enjoying this study with my 13 year old!

    My daughter and I are enjoying this study. We sit down and walk through it first thing each school day. I like that we each have our own book to work in and can then discuss what we have learned. There are also parent notes to suggest points for discussion. And my daughter loves the stickers! :-)

    Dora Dillow
    a refreshing journey into God's Love

    This book has 20 lessons. The topic is very well planned out. Each lesson talks about what God's love is about, and it uses all kinds of examples in plants, trees, fruit, roots, soil, seeds. The first page has a tree with missing roots and after selected lessons, your child has to place a sticker with the type of root until he completes the tree. I guess your child can be this tree and understand God's love in his life a little but more after finishing the book. I like how the author always tries to make deep topics simple for the kids as much as possible with a clean, simple language. You will read one page that usually has a topic to engage your child with real life application, then it will instruct your to read some verses and discuss with your child. Then your child will complete one activity page which usually is drawing or coloring. Finally, you will read a simple prayer for your kid, and some lessons will invite you to place the root sticker in the tree. When my kid does this book, I plan on tracing the tree on a big white paper, put it on a wall in his room, have him color each root, and write the type of love so he can see it every day while we do this study. It comes with 4 weekly challenges and this time, they all are about a practical application in your child's life. He will be asked to do something tangible for others each week. As always, I recommend this study.