God's Story New Testament Bible Study


God's Story New Testament Bible Study

Do your kids have the faith they need to stand strong? 

Many kids today walk away from the faith because they never experienced Scripture personally. They know the stories of the Bible, but they don't have a clear understanding of how they fit into God's plan, or how it applies to them.

God's Story New Testament Bible Study helps kids understand the Gospel by showing how the entire Bible fits together into one big redemptive story. It gives history, context, and purpose to their faith, and most importantly, points kids to their need for a relationship with Jesus.

In this 5-week study of the New Testament, families will:

  • Learn how each book in the New Testament tells the story of the Gospel
  • Learn life application lessons from each book of the New Testament
  • Read and study Scripture to help kids personalize, defend, and consider their faith
  • Discover God’s calling and purpose for their life inside of the Gospel
  • Gain victory over sin through the power of Jesus

This Bible study is available in 5 age levels from pre-k through parent and is meant to be done individually then discussed together. (More on our family Bible study model here.)

This study is part of our Foundations Series, designed to help your family build a solid foundation of knowledge and relationship with God. Learn more HERE.

Customer Reviews

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hannah lende
Highly recommend

We completed the “fruit of the tongue” NotConsumed bible study for our kids b11 g8 earlier this year after buckling down and making it a priority. I bought the New Testament set for them and myself and we have made our bible study the first thing of every morning. I am so impressed by how much we ALL get out of it! Excellent. We also all enjoy doing it. 10000% recommend.

Ali smith
Beautifully laid out

I LOVE THESE! My kids actually follow along and enjoy this study

Lanelle Martin
Lovely Curriculum.

I purchased God's Story study through the New Testament for my kids club girls. My class ranges from junior to upper teens and they are all really enjoying the study in junior level books. I am so thankful to Not Consumed for a lovely curriculum that makes my job as a teacher much easier.


My 4th grade girl wants to dig in and read the Bible herself, but some of the Old Testament cultural difference she struggles to wrap her head around. This was a great first dive into the Old Testament.


I got this study for my 8 and 10 year old. We are working on the Old Testament study first (which we love) and can't wait to get into the New Testament! I love the way these studies are set up - not too much 'work' so they stay interested in what they are learning.

Dora Dillow
Great introduction to all the New Testament books

I purchase this book for my kindergarten boy. I want him to understand God in a very practical, personal and real way. This book is a fun, short but complete, way to introduce him to the New Testament. So far, we read a kid's Bible and it's mostly stories. But this will go over the all the books in 25 lessons for a more complete understanding of Jesus's story and his church. This is not too in depth, but considering the primary level target age, it is enough. I love the attention to detail from this company. The book starts with a bookshelf for the kids to put each book sticker after each lesson. The lesson itself is not long. As a parent, you read all the text, then look for 3-4 Bible verses (this is a good way to open to Bible and make your child help you look). After a short discussion, your child does an activity page which is simple, like a drawing or coloring, simple writing, matching lines, etc., one per lesson. The study finishes with a simple prayer and putting the sticker in the bookshelf. For the price, it is a great way to learn about Jesus and the church. I saw that they have a parent book. I was thinking that any adult who is not familiar with the Bible could use this study to learn about it in a very easy way. Great product from this company.