Immeasurable Treasure: A Bible Study on God's Character


Immeasurable Treasure: A Bible Study on God's Character

Do your kids KNOW God or do they just know about God? Can they trust Him even when life is hard?

Through studying the attributes of God we can give our kids the precious gift of KNOWING who He is so deeply that they trust Him with everything.

This Bible study is more than just a look at the attributes of God. It gets to the heart–God's heart–and shows the immeasurable treasure of God's character. 

In this study, you and your family will learn:

  • That God is an immeasurable treasure worthy of pursuit
  • Who God is
  • Who you are in relation to God and His attributes

This Bible study is available in 5 age levels from pre-k through parent and is meant to be done individually, then discussed together. (More on our family Bible study model here) 

This study is part of our Foundations Series, designed to help your family build a solid foundation of knowledge and relationship with God. Learn more HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jessica Waite
Excellent study!!

This was our first study from Not Consumed, and my husband and I have been so impressed! Our children range from 2-9 years old and they love each having their own book to work in. The stickers are so fun for them! Bonus that they are reinforcing what they learn in the study. We love that the Biblical truths about God's character are not watered down, just put into the simplest of terms for little hearts and minds. We can't wait to order more of Kim's studies!!

Wonderful Study

My daughter and I have loved doing this study together. She has learned several new things about the character of God and the workbook is the perfect level for her.

In-Depth, Accurate, and Fun

Our children, ages 4, 5 1/2, 7, and 8, absolutely loved this study. The two younger kids loved the stickers, poems, and coloring pages in their books. The two older kids were challenged to learn how to look up Bible verses on their own. I was very impressed with the accuracy and in-depth nature of this study. I am very picky about having Bible curriculum that accurately teaches the Bible, and Immeasurable Treasure met my standards. Highly recommended.

Victoria Rastetter
Such fun!

My daughters (age 4 and 6) absolutely have loved this study. We plan on buying the full set. What a fun and enjoyable way to spend time with your kiddos and learn about our Lord and Savior. Soli Deo Gloria !

Ursula Schletter
Bible study

I am really enjoying this study on God’s character. It has been a real blessing as I learn a grow in the Lord.

Emily Ratliff
Great Study!

This study is very thought provoking for teens! My teen looks forward to it everyday. The stickers on the treasure map are an added bonus!

Lydia Kljajic

We are loving this Bible study; thank you so much for making it not only understandable to a young child but easy to read and and discuss for us moms. This is our 3rd Bible study from Not Consumed, and we will be back!

Anne Williamson
Well, written, beautifully, illustrated, and biblically sound

The pre-K version of this study would make a beautiful children’s picture book that you would want to read to your children over and over. I plan on using this with a Sunday school class of developmentally disabled adults. The simple, but biblically sound, definitions and rhyming verses are well written, and the illustrations are lovely. I am so thankful for this resource.

Dora Dillow
a great treasure hunting adventure for your kid

This study is very well thought out. Kim gets better at laying out a theme and how to set up the parts of the study. Each book gets better and better! The concept is that your child has a treasure hunt adventure to learn about who God is. At the beginning of the book, they have a map and after each lesson, they can add a gem for each attribute of God until they complete them all and reach the treasure of knowledge. There are 25 lessons about who God is from simple concepts like good, to deeper ones like omniscient. As a parent, you read to your child. The text comes with personal questions that relate the topic in a real personal manner. You read very few Bible verses and engage in conversation with your kid (only one page). Your child then completes an activity page (one page) which is usually drawing, coloring or tracing. The lesson ends with a simple prayer and directs you to put the gem in the treasure map. The study comes with 4 weekly challenges for your kid to complete, one bookmark and the stickers. When I do this with my child, I will plan to hide 1 candy in one part of the house or yard and after my kid explains to me something he learned about who God is that day, I can give him a simple map and send him on his way to discover the treasure or something like that. That would go great with this study! If you are looking to further your kid's faith and knowledge of God and he/she has short attention span, likes adventure, having fun and not feeling like this is school, this study is perfect for your munchkin! An advice for Kim, in the future, it would be great if we can get 4 weekly challenges as well as 4 bible verse cards in each study. I LOVE the bookmarks as they have all the main points or truths from each study.