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Obey Bible Study for Kids

Teach your kids the importance of obedience by laying the right foundation: God's Word. Obey is a 4-week Bible study for kids ages 4+ focused on getting to the heart of the matter. 

Journey through Scripture and learn about people who struggled with obedience in this kid's Bible study that includes HOW, WHY, and WHEN we should obey. Children will be challenged to seek answers in the Bible for the number one issue in their lives: obedience. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Kellan V
Such a great family study!!

This was our first Not Consumed study as a family. My daughter had done Keep Thine Heart with a bible study group and we loved it. Doing the study of obedience as a family was SO good!! I love that it was recommended to start with Obey, because it is so foundational to our faith. We homeschool and it was easy to add it to our morning devotions. I love the fact that there are different book based on their level and that we're all learning the same thing, just in different, age-appropriate ways! The simple directives for Obedience were perfect and I've been able to refer back to them in our daily life, when the kids are struggling to obey. I'm so thankful for this family study and recommend it to everyone! Definitely get the Parent Guide and do it with them!

Christina Leonhardt
Great for my 8 and 9 year olds!

I purchased the Junior version for my kids (8 and 9 years old). They were able to complete the lessons on their own each day and then discuss with me. The books provided a good mix of Scripture-finding practice, writing, and drawing. I found the book to be very well-written and appreciate the balanced, Bible-based approach to obedience being something commanded/required but something we do out of love. My kids regularly refer back to these lessons in daily conversation. I highly recommend this study and look forward to using more Not Consumed devotional books.

Brandy Brittingham
We loved this!

Our family is working through it and we love it!

Melissa Hancock
Good lessons!

Obeying has been challenging lately and this study couldn't have come at a better time. Obeying in all things. It is a nice reminder for children and adults to understand we are to obey God in ALL things. We are either following or not, this was a nice eye opener. These studies give use tools to use in our daily lives on how to walk with God. I know my children take away lessons from these studies. Eventually we'll get through them all. Thanks!!!

Sarah Hernandez
A Wonderful Resource!

This obedience devotional really got my daughter (4) (and I!!) thinking about the heart issue of disobedience, and the biblical why’s and how’s to help remedy the issue. This was time wisely invested, and I plan to use it over and over again!!

Love it!

My boys are doing this Obey Study right now and they love it! They are deep enough for them to grow but not over their head. I love this series and am so thankful!

Marla Daley

I am absolutely in love with the studies that you offer. They are so well written and offer just the right amount of verses to look up and quality discussion to occur with my kids. We are just finishing up the Obey study and I just can not thank you enough for making such a quality line of Bible studies for children. I bought them all and am looking forward to any more that may come! My kids are listening well and actually have a great biblical understanding of why and how we should obey according the the Bible now.

Lorraine C
Really well done!

This is my 10 year old son's first bible study. I decided to follow the recommendation to start with Obey (Junior) since obedience is something my son needs help with and because it sets a good foundation for other studies. I am so impressed with the quality of this product on all levels. The book is well made and aesthetically appealing. The study itself is well thought out and engaging. The lessons are appropriate for his level and are just the right length to keep his attention. Each lesson incorporates a good mix of reading, writing, and fill in the blanks to keep it interesting. The lessons build upon the previous ones which helps solidify the teaching. I have been working with my son through each lesson and as I write this, we are in week 3. My goal is to transition him slowly toward doing the lessons independently and then review with him afterwards. Today was the first day he did a lesson on his own and he managed it very well. The one thing I really love is the "Trust and Obey" hymn at the end of the study guide. I was able to find a cool version on YouTube by David Wesley to sing along with. We sing it after we complete each study and sometimes before bed. I even hear him humming it to himself sometimes! Although he gives me occasional resistance to doing the bible study, he does it and seems to enjoy it. It has also been helpful to be able to refer back to the lessons on how and why we need to obey when my son is being disobedient. It helps him recognize his error and reinforce the right way. I will definitely purchase other bible studies!!

Beckie Gyorfi

This was a wonderful study. The daily work load was not overwhelming but it was impactful. Each day built on the previous day pushing my 6 year old to think about what he already learned. I loved how each day had a bible verse or story to read that applied to what we were learning