Sermon Notebook

In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, even adults are up against a lot when it comes to staying engaged with what is being taught at church. Our kids and teens face similar distractions. Plus some struggle with sitting still, understanding big words, and many other totally normal things.

The Sermon Notebook is here to help you get more out of the sermon!

  • Beautiful design appropriate for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • Easy to carry to church (about the same size as your Bible)
  • Spiral bound so you can fold it back and take notes easily
  • Offers prompts that aren't distracting, but help you focus  

Available in three age levels: primary (ages 5-7), junior (ages 8-12), and teen/adult. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Helpful Journal

The primary book helps my young child pay attention during our Bible Study evenings at church. He can easily listen for words to keep tally marks and draw pictures of what he hears.

I am SO glad I bought these!

My older two children (age 11 and 13) have been using these for a while now, and they (and I) are loving them! They’ve been paying attention in church and taking great notes! Having these books has made them more excited about listening during the sermon.

Emily Allen
Sermon Notebook

These notebooks have been a great help for my boys as they follow along with the message each Sunday. We're very happy with our purchase.


Very nice little notebook. Fits easily in my Bible case.

Great resource for kids!

Great resource for kids! They could used a notebook, but this seems to hold their attention better. My 8 year old daughter loves having this at church with her. It’s been helpful for her to concentrate on what’s going on in the service. She’s filled one up already, so here I am to get another one for her!

Carlene Doerksen

This sermon notebook has been such a fun way to get my nine year old engaged at church. He loves listening for the common words and keeping a talley. I love that he will often come to me and say “hey mom do you remember when the pastor said …”. It’s great to see him become more interested in church thanks to this little notebook.

Great book!

This is a great resource for my pre teen to take sermon notes with. Fun layout and cute cover!

Great Way to Keep the Kids Engaged

I bought these for my 12 y.o., 11 y.o., and 7 y.o. and they love it. My 7 y.o. son laughed as he tallied how many times the preacher said 'God'. Having these books really helps them focus on what's being said and sang. Best decision ever.

Perfect for keeping kids engaged

These sermon notebooks have been perfect for keeping my kids engaged during the sermon. By having my kids take notes during the sermon, we are able to discuss what we learned during the drive home. I also have the kids write down the words they don't know so that we can discuss them on the drive home.